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Magic Movies

Nina TV is a 100% Télénovelas channel, featuring the best of African, Brazilian, and world novelas. NINA TV offers rich programming, 24h on 24, and a universe in which the modern African woman meets. Nina TV enjoys privileged access to the catalog of TV GLOBO, LEADER OF THE TELENOVELA. Globo, the world's leading producer of Telenovelas with 2,500 hours produced per year, has unique expertise in the production of Télénovelas and is the creator of the genre. A leader in the distribution of audiovisual content to and from Africa with nearly 20 years of expertise in the industry, Côte Ouest is the pioneer and initiator of Télénovela in French-speaking Africa, and the publisher of the NINA TV channel. Telenovela, an audience phenomenon Almost unanimously, the African channels are programming a 26-minute episode of Télénovela before the 8 pm newscast. This niche supposedly intended to be accessible to prime time has become real prime time! More than any other type of program, Télénovela allows the television to play its dual role of mirror and window.

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