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Role of Automated Billing in Gaming Apps 20 July 2021

  The very first mobile phone game was introduced back in 1994 which came on a mobile phone named Hagenuk MT-2000. Three years later, Nokia launched its first snake game which used to be pre-installed in the Nokia mobile devices. It became the most-played game being played in more than 350 million devices worldwide! While …

What is Adaptive Recurring Billing? 02 July 2021

  The adaptive recurring billing has become quite common among the online businesses owing to its advantages over the conventional recurring billing. The implementations of recurring billing systems are often naive, requiring manual interventions for many use cases and customizations like incorporating new subscription plans, configuring tax, issuing pro rata credits, adding new currencies, and …

How to Set Up Automated Billing for Your Business 29 June 2021

  A hallmark of the most successful online businesses often lies in scaling their MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue), and having an automated billing system is paramount to ensure a business’s MRR is always growing.  Let me give you an estimation- The McKinsey report stated that 66% of the businesses have automated at least one business …

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