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Everything you Need to Know about Multi CDN Switching

  Of late, the concept of a multi-CDN solution has been gaining momentum. Thanks to a series of global outages experienced by tech biggies like Google, Amazon and Apple, many global broadcasters and content distributors who cannot afford a single minute of downtime have started implementing this innovative strategy to enhance the user experience. When …

Take your streaming business to the next level with Multi-CDN Strategy

  As online video consumption is reaching new heights, the streaming industry is constantly facing challenges to deliver high-quality videos quickly and securely to end-users. Keeping pace with the changing dynamics of the streaming industry, content owners and streaming service providers around the world are taking quality of experience very seriously. To ensure a constant …

Video Streaming buffering might be prevented by Artificial Intelligence

According to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Artificial Intelligence could be the answer to reducing headaches for viewers and video¬†streaming services. Video buffering and pixelation continues to be problematic for those who rely a ton on video streaming services for catching up on the newest movies and the latest TV shows. Buffering and pixelation can …

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