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7 Reasons to Migrate to a Cloud Streaming Platform 25 November 2022

  With many features and benefits offered by a cloud streaming platform, a greater number of video producers and content distributors are choosing to migrate to a cloud streaming platform. Cloud streaming platforms provide the most reliable, secure, and scalable … Continue reading

Why Live Streaming Sports is on the Rise: A Detailed Guide 08 April 2021

  In the last few years, live streaming sports events were a rare scene on OTT platforms as major sports leagues held viewers tethered to their cable connections. For years, live sports could only be accessed through cable packages. However, … Continue reading

Scalability in Cloud Computing: Everything you Need to Know 30 March 2021

  From the inception of cloud computing, storing data has become a lot easier than it was in the past with its paraphernalia of investments, resources, management. The two biggest benefits of the cloud are: cost effectiveness and simplified scalability. … Continue reading