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Canadian broadcast regulator relaxes local content broadcast rules

Canada’s broadcast regulator is relaxing the rules that govern the programming Canadian television stations can air in a bid to help them compete with the unlimited choice offered by online video. In a speech to Ottawa’s Canadian Club Thursday, Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission chairman Jean-Pierre Blais announced several decisions that came out of a …

Netflix and many other could sweat a lot in foreign territory on content acquisition

#netflix‘s aggressive expansion plan, and as it was seen on it’s Cuban launch, could come back to hurt the white label #vod provider on content acquisition spending. Analysts at MoffettNathanson said that the global licence fee structure that Netflix is taking to content creators only offers a 20-30% mark-up on the cost of show production. That’s a problem …

Netflix loosens wallet to fund content, plans to raise USD 1 Billion for debt

In a move to acquire and produce content, Netflix has made up it’s mind to chuck out a billion dollars for long term debt. Netflix noted that the interest rate, maturity date and other terms of the debt will be determined via negotiations with the initial purchasers. As of the end of 2014, Netflix reported $900 million …


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