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Cord-Cutting Alert: Pay-TV Business Declines for First Time During Q1

The U.S. pay-TV business keeps shrinking, albeit slowly — but for the first time ever, the sector dropped a net number of subscribers in the first three months of a year, during Q1 of 2015. The industry is contracting at a 0.5% annual rate, with a net loss of 31,000 customers in Q1, according to …

Netflix asks FCC to reject AT&T-DirecTV merger unless changes made

Netflix Inc has urged the U.S. Federal Communications Commission to reject the pending US$48 billion merger of AT&T Inc and DirecTV unless its concerns about the deal are addressed. A Netflix spokeswoman said on Tuesday that the video streaming site does not oppose the merger in principle but is rather seeking remedies that would help resolve …

Choosing an Internet service provider: 7 Things Cord Cutters Need To Watch

If you’re cutting the cord and dropping cable TV you’re going to be more reliant on your Internet connection. So it helps to have options. That choice is the key to picking the best, and most affordable, Internet service for your needs. You’ve got to be willing to play one company off another, and you’ve …

Netflix’s Push to Own Original Series Fuels Race to ‘Out-HBO’ HBO

Netflix is raking in the money thanks to continued subscriber growth, but the video streaming site surely isn’t stopping at that sole revenue stream — no matter how high it’s predicted to rise. The Reed Hastings-run company, which saw its stock skyrocket $87 per share one day after releasing strong Q1 earnings and reporting subscriptions above …


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