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Trends in the African video streaming market 14 March 2016

Africa is a unique region for video streaming services. The interior areas of the continent lack cable TV access, while regions are getting increasingly covered by telecom internet services and this acts as a catalyst for video on demand services. Today, internet penetration stands at 16% in Africa, which translates to 160 million people. At …

Live streaming gets a push from Facebook. 03 March 2016

Now live video streams will be get prioritized to come up at the top of news feeds. And this move is expected to put a load on mobile data traffic. Video traffic wise, YouTube is the leader, and Facebook is second with 88 million viewers. Auto-play of videos is also a contributor. “Now that more …

Live streaming is watched 3X more than saved videos 02 March 2016

Yes, live streaming is viewed for 3 times longer duration than saved videos. And so, Facebook is reshaping the News Feed to accommodate this. While this News Feed wasn’t exactly built for real time live streaming, Periscope and Twitter are cashing in on it better than Facebook. The biggest advantage they have over Facebook is …

Businesses use live streaming to increase engagement 26 February 2016

Live Streaming is trending. Ease of availability, high engagement and affordability are the biggest reasons. Periscope, Facebook Live, Meerkat, and even YouTube’s Live streaming are the popular options today. Businesses are using live stream to connect with their users effectively. Some use Periscope to stream new launches to their target audience and keep it for …

Facebook introduces live streaming to the world 19 February 2016

After a limited short run that allowed only selected celebs & US users, Facebook’s live video streaming feature is expanding to countries outside the US. This feature allows users to broadcast video through the facebook app on real time. This is similar to the way Periscope (Twitter owned live streaming app) works. So far the …

How Facebook stumbled into India’s fight for net neutrality 22 April 2015

The fight for net neutrality has come to India. Last week, two companies withdrew from Facebook’s project, citing neutrality concerns, and the remaining companies are facing mounting pressure to bail out. But while has drawn most of the headlines in the US, it’s just one part of a much larger struggle in India, …

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