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Netflix Ends 2015 With 2,728,000 Australians Subscribers

After launching in March, Netflix expanded fast: its reach expanded by an average 30% per month from April to September. Throughout this period of rapid growth, Roy Morgan released each new month-by-month result to chart the Subscription VOD service’s dramatic rise in household subscriptions and reach across the population. From October to December, however, Netflix’s …

Only 23% Indians Ready To Pay For Online Video, Finds Vuclip

Downloads via torrent are dominant in India as compared to download through other subscription based OTT platforms, according to a Global Video Insights Report by Vuclip, which says that only 23% Indians have shown the propensity to pay for video content. The findings come in the light of the entry of Netflix, which is the …

Survey Claims Malaysians View Mobile Videos Primarily At Home

Over-the-top (OTT) video-on-demand (VOD) is on the rise worldwide, heralded by Netflix, which recently launched its service in 130 countries. Of the features that define an OTT content player, a survey of 500 Malaysians revealed that they consider the top four to be: A smooth user interface (61 per cent), a buffer-free experience (58 per cent), …

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