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Netflix Ends 2015 With 2,728,000 Australians Subscribers 20 January 2016

After launching in March, Netflix expanded fast: its reach expanded by an average 30% per month from April to September. Throughout this period of rapid growth, Roy Morgan released each new month-by-month result to chart the Subscription VOD service’s dramatic rise in household subscriptions and reach across the population. From October to December, however, Netflix’s …

Only 23% Indians Ready To Pay For Online Video, Finds Vuclip 14 January 2016

Downloads via torrent are dominant in India as compared to download through other subscription based OTT platforms, according to a Global Video Insights Report by Vuclip, which says that only 23% Indians have shown the propensity to pay for video content. The findings come in the light of the entry of Netflix, which is the …

Survey Claims Malaysians View Mobile Videos Primarily At Home 14 January 2016

Over-the-top (OTT) video-on-demand (VOD) is on the rise worldwide, heralded by Netflix, which recently launched its service in 130 countries. Of the features that define an OTT content player, a survey of 500 Malaysians revealed that they consider the top four to be: A smooth user interface (61 per cent), a buffer-free experience (58 per cent), …

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