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5G poised to become main video delivery infrastructure

According to a new research from Strategy Analytics, TV and video delivery are most likely to become the core compatibility of the next generation 5G services. The arrival of 5G TV is expected to herald another wave of TV disruption through 2020 and beyond. The research suggested that 5G will support 1Gbps data throughput rates and combining …

Mobile video to more than double to 2 billion users by the end of 2022

Worldwide revenue from mobile video will reach $25 billion (€22.5bn) by 2021, according to research by Strategy Analytics. Growth in mobile video revenue will be driven by advertisers seeking to reach an increasing audience of users that are consuming video on their smartphones and tablets. The report also predicts users of mobile video to more than …

US consumers spent more than $6.6bn on video streaming in 2016

Fresh data published by Strategy Analytics looks at some interesting trends in the growing US video on demand streaming market and how this relates to DVD and downloads consumption respectively. Altogether US consumers spent more than $6.6bn on video streaming in 2016 – up 22% on 2015. This is clearly eating into the physical format market, with …


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