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Disney-Fox M&A won’t be a threat for Netflix, says Evercore

Disney’s recent acquisition of Fox assets has created worries in the industry that Netflix Inc. will be overtaken by Walt Disney Co. in terms of market share. Analysts at Evercore said that Disney spending over $50 billion to include 21st Century Fox Inc.’s entertainment assets in its streaming service are overblown. Lead analyst Anthony DiClemente …


IPTV adds $25 billion to Global Video Industry

The massive shift that IPTV and video streaming services have created in the world of technology and entertainment is now showing its effects on the business of content creation other than audience disruption. According to a new Boston Consulting Group, IPTV and video streaming services have contributed 425 billion in global revenues to the video industry. …


OTT TV and video revenues in Western Europe will reach USD 14.64 billion in 2021

OTT TV and video revenues in Western Europe are expected to more than double between 2015 and 2021, though the growth rates between the countries will vary widely, according to the latest report from Digital TV Researchy, looking at 17 countries. The study noted that while OTT adoption is already high in Scandinavia, the Netherlands …


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