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Millennials TV Consumption Grows, But Not On TV 23 November 2015

The biggest contributor to this change is the advent of DVR players, Roku and services like Netflix and Hulu.

Video Monetization Beyond YouTube : 4 Things To Watch Out For 18 November 2015

For much of the time, YouTube has been the numero uno source for video monetization. Most of us have never even bothered looking beyond it and have been happy with YouTube because we probably thought that is the best we can get. How wrong were we?

Top 3 Mantras To Be Successful In The Video Streaming Industry 17 November 2015

You have read about the Reed Hastings success story with Netflix or the amazing things Jeff Bezos tried to bring to the streaming industry with Amazon Prime. There will be more stories about how Hulu is going to change the streaming industry with its ad-based model or how geo-specific streamers like HTVFun and Chitagade are …

Brazil Pushes For Public VOD System 12 November 2015

After the US Congress push for VOD during bill discussions, a strikingly similar model is to be adopted by the Brazilian government who are looking to launch a VOD platform for distribution of content produced nationally. The said platform is to be distributed with digital TV spectrum, directly to homes on set-top boxes (STBs) and TVs. This …

As TV Approaches Golden Age, TV Ratings Also Need To Evolve 06 November 2015

  Nielsen’s TV ratings have been consistently generating mixed reviews from the TV industry due to its measurement criteria. In fact, many have gone on to label it incorrect and sometimes biased. FOX Exec Chairman Lachlan Murdoch has voiced his concern over traditional TV ratings and calls for a sophisticated ratings measurement system that will …

60% Ukrainian Internet Users Watch Streaming TV Every Day 19 October 2015

  An internet audience measurement study by Gemius has led to the finding that about 89 per cent of internet users in Ukraine are watching streaming TV at least once in a month while 60 per cent do it daily. Women were found to be pro-active contributors in the daily streaming category. It was also found that 9 out of every …

Not Kidding : Netflix Is Planning To Stream News 16 October 2015

  Netflix had not finished explaining investors, subscribers and Street analysts about the slump in profits and a slow subscriber growth and now it has more explaining to do. Netflix’s top execs did drop a ‘hint’ about the video streaming platform pandering in to news programming and not  a lot of people were NOT impressed. The debate …

Netflix Takes A Beating In Q3 Earnings Thanks To Streaming Rivals 15 October 2015

  Netflix will always be the pioneer of streaming TV and today with its Emmy wins and its’s upcoming original release ‘Beasts Of No Nation’, it is clearly the most visible brand in the digital entertainment industry. The recently out Q3 earning however fail to translate the popularity in to numbers. A 50% drop in …

New Research Finds Streaming Services Far Away From Shutting Down Hardcore Pirates 14 October 2015

  Video pirates continue to steal despite the arrival of Netflix and other video streaming sites, according to the entertainment industry’s peak copyright body. While new research from the Intellectual Property Awareness Foundation shows piracy rates had fallen, those who have been carrying out the illegal activity for some time claim they are pirating more than they …

‘Scream Queens’ Audience Beefs Up With Early Multiplatform Views 13 October 2015

  Some encouraging news for Fox’s Scream Queens: in addition to a strong first showing in its first live-plus-three day ratings, Fox is touting sizable video streaming platform audience growth for the horror comedy. Scream Queens, which saw a disappointing live-plus-same day debut, improved 59 percent among adults 18-49 in Nielsen Media’s first round of DVR …

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