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BBC Three’s Only Only Avatar Signals A Monumental Shift 15 December 2015

BBC Three is primarily aimed at the younger generation, featuring shows such as Family Guy, Russell Howard’s Good News and Bad Education. But, according to research undertaken by the BBC, the move will suit the demands of young viewers.

Growth Hack : Working Out Content Rights & Release Windows 14 December 2015

Distributors have to now take cue from the success of VOD services who have helped brought premium content in short windows to the audiences and have clarity of thought on shortening all release windows. The lesser time they take, the more interested the audience is.

New Nielsen Report Links TV Watching With Household Income 14 December 2015

While the difference with devices like smartphones wasn’t quite as stark, the overarching finding holds: With nearly every device you can think of — PC, smartphone, DVR, tablet, gaming console — Nielsen saw greater usage among lower-income households.

For Some Reasons, TV Industry In Ireland Is Dodging The Truth 14 December 2015

TAM’s explanation is an undefined reference to “fragmentation”. But it insists – and this is the key part for advertisers – that there has been absolutely no fall-off in live TV consumption.

Netflix Accounts For Nearly 20% UK Broadband Households 14 December 2015

Overall 58% of U.K. broadband households used a video streaming service or player within the past 30 days.

The Golden Globe Nominations Prove One Thing : Network TV Is SO Lost 11 December 2015

Given the lackluster content we’ve seen from them recently, it’s hard to imagine them staying relevant once cord cutting becomes the norm.

Why All Video Streaming Services Need A Roku App 09 December 2015

ISKCON recently launched its video streaming services and within a month of launching the platform, the launch of its Roku App was announced. For a platform targeting mostly the family audience, an app on a Roku device was a no-brainer.

Live TV IS Still Popular But VOD Making Rapid Progress In Canada 02 December 2015

Canadian audience measurement firm Numeris released a report Friday which found about 90 per cent of overall viewing is still live — a broadcast over the air or through cable — as compared with on demand.

Video Monetization Beyond YouTube : 4 Things To Watch Out For 18 November 2015

For much of the time, YouTube has been the numero uno source for video monetization. Most of us have never even bothered looking beyond it and have been happy with YouTube because we probably thought that is the best we can get. How wrong were we?

Netflix and The Net Neutrality Campaign Don’t Add Up 12 October 2015

  Net Neutrality campaigners made us believe that the ruling by the FCC earlier this year would be good for consumers because video streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon would not be charged more by carriers and therefore would not have to charge their customers more. Back then, Netflix had to pay a decent sum to internet service …

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