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Inside the labs where Netflix is trying to make televisions suck less 22 May 2015

In a nondescript room in the center of Netflix’s headquarters, you can walk into a small, paper white chamber called the Shu. It’s an homage to the solitary confinement cell in Orange Is The New Black, one of Netflix’s most popular original series. And just like the Shu in the show, Netflix’s version is a …

Leading Lights Finalists 2015: Most Innovative Video Service 21 May 2015

Like money, video still makes the world go around. While broadband may be the fastest growing technological force in the world, video is driving most of that growth and remains the premier subscription service. As a result, cable companies, telcos, satellite TV operators and other service providers are rolling out new video services, features and …

Inside Google’s Anti-Fraud Team; The Financial Times Offers New Ad Metric 20 May 2015

The Financial Times rolled out a time-based ad metric on Monday called cost per hour (CPH), which aims to quell view-ability and placement concerns that come with click-based measurement. “While CPM values every impression the same, CPH uses time to measure value,” said FT’s ad sales director, Dominic Good. “The FT has shown through extensive …

Smarter ‘Dumb’ TVs Will Drive OTT Adoption 19 May 2015

Smart TVs may be limited by clunky UIs, but “dumb” TVs are getting smarter all the time. And thanks to connected game consoles and media streamers like Chromecast and Roku, those not-so-dumb TVs are set to drive a major surge in adoption of over-the-top video services. A new report by Juniper Research predicts that subscriber …

Cannes 2015 Overview: Big Deals Beckon As Lush Market Embraces TV Stalkers, Hungry Buyers 14 May 2015

Anticipating swelling ranks of distributors that now include TV interlopers and video on demand technology icons Netflix and Amazon, sellers arrived at the 68th Cannes Film Festival armed with promising fare in the form of finished films, sizzle reels and scripts with star attachments. U.S. distributors hungry for film fare give the festival, which launches today, the potential …

Rentrak and Viacom ink TV ratings & VOD measurement deal 07 May 2015

Rentrak has entered into a TV ratings and Video on Demand system measurement agreement with Viacom Media Networks. Viacom will utilize Rentrak’s Advanced Demographics measurement capabilities, which include Rentrak’s viewing information and integrated purchase information from IRI, Shopcom and IHS Polk’s Automotive segmentations. Rentrak’s advanced analytical technology will support Viacom’s ability to precisely target consumer …

27% of US broadband households own streaming media device 06 May 2015

Parks Associates announced new research today showing 27% of US broadband households now own a streaming media device with video on demand technology and nearly 90% of these households have these devices connected to the Internet. The firm’s Q1 2015 consumer survey reveals more consumers bought a streaming media device than a Blu-ray player in the last 12 …

WWE looks to OTT as pay-per-view faces long-term decline 04 May 2015

Wrestling network WWE is looking to build the WWE Network as a strong direct-to-consumer offering as it faces up to the long-term decline of its traditional pay-per-view business, according to Ed Wells, senior vice-president and managing director, delivering a keynote at TV Connect “Second-screen, video on demand technology and TV Everywhere are really extensions of …

Viewers want OTT on TV, says Roku 30 April 2015

Migration of video to OTT is a genuine global trend, but viewers still prefer to watch that video on TV, according to Ed Lee, vice-president of content for Roku. Speaking at TV Connect yesterday, Lee noted that OTT leader Netflix’s video on demand system would be in 200 countries by the end of 2016, and …

The new Deloitte study is good news for OTT, really bad for linear TV 28 April 2015

Netflix and other OTT video on demand systems have not only given people more options for watching programming, but they’ve also changed how Americans consume content. The rise of these services, which also includes Hulu and Hulu Plus, Amazon‘s Prime Instant Video, and tons of other niche players, has led to behavior change, according to Deloitte’s Digital Democracy …

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