Business Rules

Define Rules to Automate Customer Issue Tracking


Define site-specific business rules to accelerate service processes, reduce response time, increase agent productivity, and optimize team performance. Set your business rules for catering to different ticket processing mechanisms across all your operational sites.

Perform custom actions on incoming tickets by configuring multiple criteria. Prioritize & categorize, set urgency and impact, and assign tickets to an agent or support groups, based on the set parameters.

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  • Auto Assignment
  • Better Monitoring

Auto Assignment

Auto Assignment


Tattle enables auto-assignment of tickets to agents based on the round-robin method, skill-based delegation, and load-balancing mechanism. So, always stay assured that every Tattle is being taken care of and by the right resource automatically.


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Better Monitoring

Better Monitoring


Monitor if all the incoming tickets are matching up with predefined criteria and supervise closely. You can also reassign and reroute a tattle applying business rules.