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Muvi lets you feature your streaming services on all TV platforms and gaming consoles  which enables you to reach millions of users worldwide. Launch your video/audio streaming platform across Roku, Android TV, Amazon, Apple TV or any other Smart TV such as Samsung, LG, Sony, and deliver uninterrupted streaming experience to millions of households across the world. Tap into the user segment of millennials and Gen Z by casting your streaming service on Playstation or XBOX. Cater to their bingeing habits watch your subscriptions, content view and revenue grow.


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  • Roku TV App
  • Apple TV
  • Android TV
  • Amazon Fire TV App
  • Samsung Tizen App
  • LG TV App
  • XBOX
  • Playstation

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Roku TV App


Launching your Roku TV app with Muvi is just a matter of 1-Click. All you need to do is setup your account with Muvi, upload content and enable Roku Channel directly from the Admin panel. Muvi will take care of the rest and notify you once the app is ready. Read more...


Develop Smart TV app on Android for OTT Platform
Privew Your OTT Android TV APP on Muvi Onyx

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Apple TV

With Muvi, launching your own Apple TV app is seamless and hassle-free. Muvi has a built-in native tvOS platform that just requires you to sign-up, upload your content, choose a design and get going. Muvi powered Apple TV apps are completely customizable, highly scalable, and absolutely white-labelled. Read more...

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Android TV

Muvi lets you create an end-to-end, completely customized Android TV app without you needing to have any coding skills or a development team. Muvi’s exclusive template for Android TV app is based on lean back model and accommodates the new design guidelines as well as latest features for a rich user experience. Read more...

Launching Android TV app with few clicks on Muvi
Android TV App for Smart TVs, STBs and Media Boxes

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Amazon Fire TV App


Muvi enables you to launch your own Fire TV app for your video/audio streaming platform. With Muvi, you can deploy a 100% white labelled, end-to-end app that supports hassle-free content upload for seamless streaming. Right from customizing your design as per your brand to launching and helping you reach millions of users across the globe, Muvi takes care of everything else. Read more...


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Samsung Tizen App


Set your foot on the Tizen ecosystem and offer your customers seamless video/audio streaming experience with Muvi’s instantly deployable Samsung TV apps. Muvi lets you design, customize and launch your own white-labelled app on the Samsung TV platform. Integrate 500+ features including preferred monetization options with your Samsung Tizen App and deliver a unique streaming experience to your users. Read more... 

White Label Android App for OTT Platform
Fully Featured Android TV App for OTT Platforms

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Cater to the streaming needs of  LG Smart TV users by launching your webOS app instantly with Muvi. Build a white-labelled, completely customizable LG TV app with your preferred monetization options. Muvi helps you deploy your native webOS app that has slick look & feel, faster loading time, and vibrant UI design right from the scratch. Read more...


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Muvi offers you a highly scalable and flexible native streaming app for Vewd enabled smart TVs. Join the smartest streaming ecosystem of Vewd by launching instantly deployable and fully customizable white-labeled Vewd TV apps. With Muvi, you can take your streaming app live with your preferred monetization models and customizations as per your business needs. Read more...

Features of Android TV App for OTT Platforms
Highly Customizable Android TV App for OTT Platforms

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Get ready to cast yourself in the world’s most popular gaming platform, Xbox. Tap into the user segment and stream your content to the gamers across the globe. With Muvi you can have your white-labelled streaming app featured on XBOX, XBOX 360, XBOX One, XBOX One S, XBOX One X instantly. Read more...

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With Muvi, you can now stream your video/audio content on Sony Playstation, the personal gaming space of millions of users. Sony PS5, considered as the next-gen gaming console, is the favorite pick in the gaming community. And Muvi lets you cater to the bingeing habits of gamers by building a completely customized, 100% whitelabelled, native streaming app on Sony Playstation. Read more...

Monetizing Android TV App for Streaming Platforms

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