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Best Live streaming apps for Mobile Broadcasting 01 October 2021

In order to offer your viewers with the most high-quality live streaming content, you require making use of the right devices to aid you in broadcasting your live content.

To offer your viewers the best experience of live streaming video content, you require an excellent live streaming app that permits you to quickly share and promote your live event.


Live Streaming Apps


The live streaming apps are nothing but the broadcasting software that is utilized to record and share live stream content. The features are readily available with live streaming apps that are different from platform to platform.

Many live streaming apps allow customers to simply capture and stream their web content, whereas a lot more video hosting systems provide advanced recording, search, and advertising options as well.

Live streaming apps have different configurations. Some operate utilizing just a smartphone to capture the live stream. Others integrate with even more high functionalities designed in the software.

In this article, we’ll cover the fundamentals of live streaming apps, key functions and what to search for when choosing a mobile streaming application for business. Here is the list of top live streaming apps that you can use for live streaming your content.


Wowza GoCoder


GoCoder, which is among the leading live streaming apps supported by Wowza. It has amazing options, such as 360-degree streaming and Virtual Reality.

Wowza includes various streaming services, such as a streaming engine, a solution for real-time encoding, as well as cloud streaming solutions. It is possible to integrate Live streaming videos from the different platforms. It offers white-labelled services that help in personalizing the streaming experience and link in real-time with viewers.



  • It offers advanced streaming tools
  • VR 360  & streaming options are readily available.



  • Quite Expensive
  • Compatibility issues




Dacast is an all-in-one live streaming solution that is specifically developed for the business-to-business market. A few of the platform’s most highlighted features include its completely personalized white tag ability as well as video hosting choices.


Pros of Dacast:

  • Provides  top notch live streaming.
  • Video hosting alternatives with pay per view, a large plus for individuals working in the event market.
  • Dacast offers round the clock service


Disadvantages of Dacast:

Lack of innovative options compared to other live streaming applications in the market.





BroadcastMe is a live streaming application that is created to help capture and share information on the go with a cloud-based video archive as well as live streaming app.

The BroadcastMe app includes three components: newsgathering, production, as well as digital possession management. These functionalities are established to permit users to share as well as capture news, video content wherever they go.



  • Send remote notifications to application individuals when they schedule the events.
  • Supports two simultaneous video streams.
  • Completely practical production system, including editing, SEO tools, and also supports infographic integration.
  • Simultaneous video streams share good-resolution feeds for live streaming
  • High-resolution live video recording.
  • Add infographics and modify video as necessary.



  • Feature-heavy and can be tough for specific users to recognize.
  • Made generally for live events.
  • Compatible with Apple devices only




Wirecast Go


Wirecast Go is the mobile application variation of Wirecast, a live streaming software platform. Stream content on the move with an iPhone with Wirecast Go.



  • Plays in portrait or landscape setting
  • Switch between numerous prepared shots
  • Include your very own logo designs and branding to your real-time stream
  • Capture and also replay live program highlights
  • Capability to tailor and also integrate your branding
  • Stream to YouTube Live and RTMP servers
  • Add endless iOS video camera sources on your Local Area Network to create multi-camera productions



Only available on Apple App store





offering ultra-low latency, NanoStream has a huge market in the industry. It has a huge market in the industry. NanoStream was called among Europe’s many ingenious live video streaming. Create your own live stream with NanoStream application or move your existing content onto the platform.




  • Worldwide CDN for lightning-fast delivery on any kind of platform or browser
  • Use mobile or with a browser
  • Quickly integrates with existing live streaming framework.
  • Ultra-low latency for fast video delivery to users.
  • Conveniently integrates with existing framework.
  • Unlimited live streams
  • Cross-platform use



  • Some customers report issues while integration with other platforms
  • Some features, such as white-label ability, higher-priced bundles are the down-side of this software




Twitch, which was acquired by Amazon, is a massively prominent live streaming platform for desktop computers as well as mobile that’s used largely by gamers. Twitch is the most prominent platform for live streaming content, providing customers the option to sign up for their favorite networks.



  • Extensively used as well as relied on platform
  • Individuals earn money with ads, subscriptions, as well as contributions
  • A typically easy-to-use platform offering both desktop and mobile streaming
  • It is a popular streaming platform which is simple to use
  • A subscription version offers individual long-term earning potential




Lots of users, so it’s tough for streams to acquire grip




Airmix is a live streaming application that provides instant replay, custom graphics, and many other features are available for iphone live streaming. Produce and stream content from your iPad, with approximately ten video sources for expert live video streaming.




  • Add custom-made graphics and text
  • Lets you Mix up to ten video sources.
  • Provides immediate replay as well as slow-motion capacity
  • Share to a range of streaming platforms
  • Mix numerous video sources from your gadget.
  • Stream to a variety of platforms
  • Add your own custom-made graphics as well as text.




  • Some individuals claim the application is not user-friendly for usage.
  • Compatible  for Apple products


Summing it Up:


With Muvi Live App, coupled with the best live streaming application features that meets your requirements, you can develop beautiful, amusing live streaming content that is automatically shared with your audience anywhere you want. Take advantage of Muvi Live free trial period and enjoy 60 minutes of live streaming. Become a premium customer to Muvi Live today and enjoy professional live events broadcasts.


Live streaming mobile broadcast apps


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