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Fully Featured Mobile & TV Apps for your OTT TV Everywhere Platform

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Take your OTT TV Everywhere platform across multiple screens by launching your own branded apps for Mobile, Streaming Boxes and Smart TV’s with Muvi instantly!

With Muvi, you can launch fully featured native Apps for devices and ecosystems such as iOS, Android, Roku, Apple TV (tvOS), Amazon Fire TV and Android TV which power most of the leading mobile, tablet, media boxes, and Smart TVs across the world, allowing you to quickly take your OTT TV Everywhere Platform across multi-platform and multi-screen instantly, at a fraction of a cost of custom development. Muvi offers you a completely White-Labelled Platform to cater all your video streaming needs in no time

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  • 100% Native App
  • Apps for Mobile & Tablets
  • Apps Media Boxes & STBs
  • Apps for Smart TVs
  • Custom built - Native Apps
  • White Labeled

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100% Native Code

Muvi provides 100% native code for your app that is compiled to run on both iOS and Android. Your app will be equipped with latest state-of-the-art technology compatible with the native OS. Muvi also provides tailored WebOS, Tizen, and HTML5 based apps as per your requirement. If you worry about the look and feel of the app and the interface, take a breath and we got you covered in that department as well! Muvi uses the latest template for all our TV Apps with the latest UI/UX guidelines for the respective OS and stores.

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White Labeled

Launch your own branded, native fully featured iOS and Android Mobile Apps for your OTT Platform. Our Apps are built from the ground using latest standards with regular development updates and maintenance check, so you don’t have to worry about anything. All Mobile Apps are completely White-Labeled to carry your brand name and logo and are even submitted to the respective App store using your developer account.!

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Offline Viewing

Enable your viewers to watch on the go without internet connectivity with Muvi’s offline viewing feature for videos. Android and iOS users can download the videos over Wifi or mobile data and save for later consumption. Make your customers happy by offering them the option to download videos in different resolutions, and make your service mobile data friendly. What’s more? As a streaming service owner, you get to decide on how long the downloaded content is consumable. Cool, right?

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Apps for Media Boxes

Give your viewers the opportunity to stream content from your platform to big screens!
Launch your OTT Platform across media boxes like Roku, Apple TV (tvOS), Amazon Fire TV and Android TV instantly! Muvi designs, builds, deploys, maintains and updates these apps on your behalf on the respective stores allowing you to fully focus on your business taking over the technical headaches. Providing a completely White-Labelled solution that will reflect your brand name and logo without the mention of Muvi anywhere!

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Apps for Smart TVs

Smart TV’s or Connected TV’s are the future of Television. Muvi offers completely White-labelled and Native Smart TV Apps running on OS like Android TV.

WebOS, Tizen and HTML5 based Apps can be custom developed for you as per your requirements. Your Muvi powered, Smart TV apps can be launched instantly, allowing you to tap into the fast-growing ecosystem of Smart TVs and a viewer base of over 20million devices instantly in no time.


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Multiple Monetization

With Muvi, you can monetize your OTT TV Everywhere platform on all fronts for your content with options Subscriptions (SVOD), Video Ad-Supported (AVOD), Pay-Per-View (PPV), or even a combination of all 3 on a single platform.
Muvi also supports selling of physical goods and merchandizes along with your Live & On-demand videos using Muvi Kart, helping you to further monetize your visitors.

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Single CMS

Muvi offers an enriched Video CMS to manage everything from Website, Apps, video library, users and revenue from a single dashboard. With Muvi we believe in providing an easy to use solution to our customers, which is why we have build a Video CMS that acts as your single location gateway to a host of services used for your OTT Platform.

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Piracy Protection

With Muvi, you have a peace of mind that your online videos and content is in safe hands. Muvi offers you an option to go in for a Studio Approved DRM or you can bring in your own DRM to prevent your library from being captured or leaked out. Muvi’s Watermarking feature further enhances video security by watermarking your videos during playback with viewer's IP Address, Name or Email ID. Muvi conducts a host of tests regularly like Penetration Testing & Security Audits to ensure high level of protection and has 24x7 security monitoring of the infrastructure to fend off attacks like DDoS attacks.

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Payment Gateway

Muvi supports out-of-box integration to leading payment gateways from across the world like Adyen, Stripe, PayPal,, FirstData, InstaFeez, WorldPay, Braintree, Paygate etc. ensuring no matter where your merchant account is or where your viewers are from, you will always be able to run your business smoothly.
All the payment gateways and revenues collected from your VOD platform are directly linked to your bank account and you don’t share a dime with Muvi. Muvi even supports local currency, be it US Dollars, Pounds, Yuan, Yen or even BitCoins offering you complete freedom to bill your viewers on variable pricing in local currencies.

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Analytics & Reports

Muvi comes with built-in analytics & reporting to track the performance of your videos, revenues, users and platform. With Muvi Analytics, discover which content is driving more viewers, higher engagement and optimize your OTT platform by understanding your audience behaviour.
Muvi supports Custom Reports that enable to add custom fields giving you a complete free-hand to create and track the performance of your platform!

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