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Why Choose Muvi over Uscreen

  • Here are the top reasons why you should choose Muvi over Uscreen.
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Muvi Vs Uscreen - A Better Platform In All Aspects

Easy-to-use Content Management System

Get your content to the right audience seamlessly by using an inbuilt CMS. Muvi CMS allows you to add all type of content including Video, Audio, Physical Goods, and eLearning content whereas or competition only allows you to add Video content. Muvi allows users to pre-order the content and also add user generated content - where your Content Partners can upload content and view reports via separate login.

Content TypesVideo, Audio, Physical Goods, eLearningOnly video
Content Storing LimitUnlimited content storageLimited storage based on the pricing plan
Multipart Videos for Creating Web SeriesYes, availableNot available
User-Generated ContentYes, availableNot available
Pre-Order content (Advance Purchase)Yes, availableNot available
Content PartnersYes, content partners can upload content and view reports via a separate loginNot available

Customizable Monetization Models

There are nine different monetization methods offered by Muvi to monetize your content whereas Competitor’s Monetization is limited. You can choose from a wide range of monetization methods that includes Subscription, PPV (Pay Per View), PPV Bundles, Pre-Order, Coupons, Vouchers, Credit, Donation, and Advertisement (AVOD). You have the flexibility to add all the monetization methods at a time or add any combination.

Payment gatewayIntegrates with ANY payment gateway. 15+ gateways supported out of the boxSupports only 2 payment gateways. No Paypal
Multi Currency SupportYes, availableNot available
Pre-order (Advance Purchase)Supports advance orders or purchases on unreleased contentNot available
VouchersYes, availableNot available
Ad-based Monetization(AVOD)Yes, availableNot available

End-to-end Security along with Flexible Infrastructure

Muvi allows you to access Global Content Delivery Network (CDN) along with DRM, Screen Recording & Screenshot Protection when compared to Competitor’s OTT Platforms.

With Muvi, you can restrict the number of devices a user can access their account at the same time along with watermarking protection against unauthorized access and any reuse of your content.

Screen Recording & Screenshot ProtectionYesNot available
Multi-Platform DRMYes, availableNot available
Parental ControlYes, enable parental control for creating a safe viewing platform for childrenNot available
Device RestrictionYes, restrict the number of devices a user can access their accountRestriction based on IP Address only

Migrate to Muvi One

Muvi team will help with Data Migration, Customization, and Integrations. Try the difference!


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Flexible Pricing Plans and 100% Customizable Design

Unlike Uscreen Pricing, you don't get charged for each subscriber with Muvi. You keep 100% of the revenue collected from your platform. The Uscreen free trial requires credit card details and gets auto charged if you don't cancel.

Along with this flexible pricing, make your platform stand out and unique by fully customizing your website & app design with the visual builder tool. You can also use your own custom design for your platform.

Revenue SharingNo sharing. You keep 100% of the revenueRevenue share, $0.50/subscriber/month
Free TrialYes, 14 days. No credit card requiredYes, 14 days. Requires credit card details
Pricing PlansStandard monthly plans
Unlimited content
Unlimited end users
Standard monthly plans
Additional charge per end user/ subscriber
Bring Your Own DesignYes, availableNot available
Request Custom TemplatesYes, availableNot available

100% Customizable Website, App and Player

As one of the leading alternatives to Uscreen, you can fully customize your website & app design with Muvi's visual builder tool and also with your own custom design. Muvi offers unique features like Multi-Language support, Watch history, My Library & Favorites for your users, distinguishing it from other alternatives to Uscreen. Not just that, Muvi also enables offline viewing with zero-hassle, further setting it apart in the realm of Uscreen alternatives.

Bring Your Own DesignCreate/edit customized templates as per your business needsRequires 1 year commit and you can’t do it yourself. Only their team has to do it.
Time to MarketOut of the Box, instantly!30-45 days required
Embed PlayerYes, availableNot available
APIFull API SupportNot available

Why choose Muvi over Uscreen?

Muvi is 'the' end-to-end solution for your OTT needs. Launch your own OTT apps across 16+ platforms along with 500+ features tailored to deliver a better streaming experience.

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Enterprise-Grade Solutions

Low latency Video Streaming, Global CDN, ABR Technology, Security powered by DRM, Easy-to-use CMS, HTML5 player, and much more.

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Muvi Video Security

Muvi comes in-built with SSL Certificate, PCI Compliance, Multi-level Firewall, ISO Certified & Server-level security.

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Keep 100% Revenue

Monetize via Subscription, Pay per view, and Ads. Get access to 40+ Payment gateways.

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Enable World-Class Video Experience!

Seamlessly Manage, Distribute & Measure Video Content across Web, Mobile & TV. No Coding Required. Try the Difference!