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Own Private Audio and Video Ad Server

The Most Easy to Use, Integrated Ad Management Platform

Muvi Ads lets you host and deliver multi-format ads to your websites and apps seamlessly across multiple platforms. Manage your ad inventory in one place and deliver action-inducing ad experience to a wider audience ensuring improved user engagement and consistent ad revenue.

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Do-It-Yourself Ad Hosting

Grow your digital ad revenue by hosting ads effortlessly on Muvi Ads. Manage your ad inventory with advertisements of all format and streamline delivery workflow, ensuring quickest go-to-market time, automated ad distribution, enterprise-grade support, and complete content-control right from ad insertion to delivery.

No Revenue Sharing

Deal with your ad-supplier in your terms and keep your ad revenue with you! We don’t charge a penny from your ad revenue. Reduce your technology cost and own your personalized ad server to run high-viewability ad campaigns.

Features to Power Modern Digital Advertising

Modern Digital Advertising
Built-in Infrastructure
  • Support All Ad Formats
  • Manage Ads on One Platform
  • Dynamic Ad-Insertion
  • Stitch Multiple Ads
  • Cross Platform Ad Delivery
  • Native Advertising
  • Geo-Targeting
  • Low-latency Ad Delivery
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Open API & SDKs

We Provide Precisely What Others Don’t.

The Muvi Difference
  • No Minimum views required to open an account
  • DIY Ad Management Setup
  • Brand-safe Ad management & delivery
  • One Price
  • Guaranteed Uptime & Scalability
  • White-Glove Support 24x7x365
Audio and Video Ad Server

“We strongly support IAB’s initiatives in bettering digital advertising standards to make the web a better place for marketers.” - Muvi Ads Team

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