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Live Streaming Server Software

Enterprise-grade Live Streaming Platform For All!

Deliver brand-defining live video & audio experiences with Muvi Live. Stay empowered with a Do-It-Yourself webcast flow and securely deliver stunning buffer-free content from multiple cameras, multiple screens & platforms without any external support.

Just One Source Device & a Story to Tell. You’re All Set!

Live Stream Online Games and eSports
Stream Online Games & eSports

Live stream online games and eSports to anywhere in the world. Stream live tournaments with low latency, scale on-demand, and offer real-time interactivity both within the gameplay and among players.

Organize Live Events

Organize & Monetize. Unleash your revenue potential by making live events “Exclusive.” From hosting live videos & podcasts to real-time interaction and post-event content library management for on-demand viewing, get everything in one place.

Ultra-low Latency Live Streaming

Stream high-quality content with 10 seconds latency or less. With adaptive multi-bitrate streaming, your users unlock a lag-free streaming experience that is auto-scalable during peak periods.

Live DVR Control

Never let your audience miss a moment from your live event, else what’s the point? Pause, Rewind, Play – let them do all you would do on a DVR.

Lead Nurturing

Know who is attending your business events, track contacts, and thrive on Muvi Live’s simple yet easy to use platform that enables you to run powerful video and audio marketing that yields ROI. With ultra-low latency video and audio delivery, derive closer viewing attention, more sales-ready opportunities, smarter communication, and more.

Interactive Presentation

Get your slides, images, PDFs everything always in sync with your live video. Emphasize unique elements with real-time zoom control, start threaded discussions, add notes, comments, questions, and more.

Reach Mobile Devices

Turn on Peer-to-peer live streaming functionality from within your admin panel and let your users stream live content directly from their Android & iOS devices.

Offer Both PPV & Subscription

Produce “members only” events and charge non-members willing to attend on-the-fly. Offer PPV or subscription and earn revenue anytime, anywhere while expanding the reach, audience base, brand awareness, and revenue stream.

Super Cool Features to Take Your Video & Audio to the Next Level.

For Seamless Live Streaming
  • Live Webcast
  • Adaptive Streaming
  • HTML5 Player
  • Faster Playback
  • Multi-bitrate HD Encoding
  • Multi CDN
Enable on One Tap
  • Social Media Integration
  • Restricted Access
  • Geo-Blocking
  • Peer-to-Peer Streaming
  • Live Analytics
  • Single Sign-on

Live Stream with Your Brand Custodian.

The Muvi Difference
  • Produce Professional live event in a completely Do-It-Yourself (DIY) set up
  • Be a “video & audio-first” company. Plan, train, execute, deliver – all through videos & audios
  • Increase engagement, convert faster, yield results
  • Auto-scalable live streaming servers for exclusive, grand events
  • Ensure controlled, brand-safe video & audio experience
  • 24×7 White glove support

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