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Easy Integration

Add both Implicit data and explicit data into Alie through API endpoints, CSV import and Plugins at a lightning fast speed

Advanced Algorithm

Alie by virtue of machine learning and deep learning algorithms recommend content and/or product to your visitors as per their taste and preference with unmatched accuracy

Real-Time Recommendation

Provide real-time content and product recommendation to your audience and engage them in your platform like never before!

Adaptability across Domains

From e-books to e-commerce and from content recommendation across OTT platforms to accuracy longing job portals, adaptability is Alie’s major USP

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$99 + $0.001 per Recommendation
No credit card required
  • Pay Per Recommendation
  • Simple Registration – No details of payment data required
  • Easy Billing – On the basis of clicks with the help of website tracker
  • Storage – Unlimited data storage
  • Active Users – Unlimited users
  • 24X7 Support

“Alie is an AI-driven Recommendation Engine for any online business, blogging platform, and websites. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Alie uses machine learning and deep learning algorithms to capture and analyze user data and recommend personalized content in real-time with impeccable accuracy.”

Easy Integration | Advanced Algorithm | Real-time Recommendation | Adaptability Across Domains