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Stand-alone Static Pages

Put Auxiliary Content in Static Pages

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Standalone static pages are simple web pages that contain text and images and that can be created and published onto your platform using Muvi CMS. This section helps you create pages such as About Us, Vision, Mission etc. You can put some simple piece of content in image and text format, for your visitors to read upon.

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  • Unlimited Pages
  • WYSIWYG Editor
  • SEO Friendly
  • Default Templates
  • Single Platform

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Unlimited Pages

Create an unlimited number of Static Pages and publish them onto your domain with ease using Muvi’s CMS. You can create a new page, customize its title and URL, and enter content using our easy to use WYSIWYG Editor in text and image format to get your desired output. You can even switch to the advanced HTML editor and add complex pages and font stylings if you like to be in control of how the page looks. Once the page is created, it takes just one click to add the page to the top menu or else the footer so that it’s visible and navigation friendly for users to find it.

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We know you do not like to write or code in HTML and need a quick and easy way to add pages without having to worry about all the HTML jargons while formatting your page, which is why Muvi’s static page engine comes with its very own in-built What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) Editor. This editor helps you pen down your thoughts and format them in an easy point and click method. You can even switch to the advanced HTML editor and add further complex page, font stylings if you like to be in control of how the page looks.

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SEO Friendly

Muvi’s static pages are SEO friendly. Search engines love content and a site that has an engaging page with text that is updated regularly, helps your platform in featuring at the top of the search results. Muvi’s static pages are SEO optimized, it uses a SEO friendly URL structure as well as HTML mark-up, and allows you to easily insert hyperlinks to your other pages, thus increasing the inter-link value of your site and platform. You can even customize the URL, meta-data like title and description as per your requirement. Whenever you create and publish a static page, it gets added automatically to the sitemap so that it’s easily discoverable by google and it crawls and indexes the same.

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Default Template


Whenever you create a new static page, it takes your platform’s template parameters so that it comes out with a consistent look and feel. The fonts, colors, styles, design, page header and footer, etc. are all pulled from your template to ensure consistency in design and overall user experience.

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Single Platform

All the static pages you create are native to Muvi’s core platform, it is not a 3rd party plugin. So, whenever pages are created, it is deployed onto your central platform, unlike some other platforms providers who deploy such pages on 3rd party domains such as WordPress or Medium. So, all traffic, user actions, interactions, etc. stay on your platform.

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