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Securely live stream any event of any size to any device with Muvi!

Muvi lets you stream live events, conferences, meetings, festivals, TV channels, games, sports events through an end-to-end live streaming solution that delivers your content across the globe with ultra-low latency for an increasingly connected experience. Provide engaging webcast with multi-bitrate technology to unlimited concurrent users with white-glove support backing you up 24x7x365. Learn more

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  • HLS and RTMP Feed
  • Satellite Feeds
  • Stream using Cameras (Mobile or Laptop)
  • Stream multiple channels at once
  • Embed Live Streaming

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Live TV Streaming


Experience the magic of Live TV Streaming Everywhere. Muvi supports direct satellite feeds for streaming Live Events, Sports etc. With Muvi's unique Playout feature, you can schedule 24*7 Live Movies/Shows just like a traditional TV guide.

lLive TV streaming solution from Muvi

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live stream from camera directly to streaming platform

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Stream from Camera


Muvi is equipped with everything to handle & process RAW feeds from Camera to convert them to live streaming for your viewers. Simply share your feed from video source and Muvi will convert & transcode the feed to various formats and syndicate the same for live video streaming using our CDN to your viewers in no time. Your viewers get the advantage of variable Bitrate management, pause, rewind, record and an option to immediately provision the feed for On-Demand viewing once the Live Streaming is over. Learn More

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Muvi supports both RTMP and HLS feeds for your Live streaming service. Simply enter your live Feed URL in the backend and Muvi's Video Player will embed the feed and play it back to the viewers immediately. No time lag, no frames lost.

RTMP and HLS feed for livestreaming platform

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Live Streaming and On-demand contents on streaming platform

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Long gone are days of separate platforms for Live Streaming and On-demand contents. Muvi offers you unique support to run a combination of Live and On-demand Video and Audio content simultaneously on a single platform. With Muvi, you can even monetize your Platforms with different options for Live Streaming and On-demand content.

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Peer to Peer Live Streaming


Want your users to directly stream live feeds from their mobile camera? Muvi can help you launch your own Periscope or Facebook Live like service in no time. With our Mobile Apps for iOS and Android, you can turn on Peer-to-peer live video and audio streaming functionality from within your admin panel and let your users stream live content directly from their phones and share their live streaming channels with friends, family and rest of the world.

stream live content peer to peer using Muvi Live streaming mobile apps

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embed and share live streaming feed

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Embed Live Streaming


Muvi is simple and flexible for streaming Live from your website. Let your users embed and share your Live Streaming feed. With simple copy & paste process, you can share your Live Streaming with 3rd parties and let them embed your event or channel on their websites for wider reach that can be accessed from any device - desktops, mobile, tablets.

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Monetization of Live Streaming


Livestream more and earn more. Muvi offers you professional tools and utilities to monetize your Live Streams on all fronts like Subscription, Pay Per View or Ad-Supported Model. The revenues are directly linked to your bank accounts and you share no penny with Muvi. Learn More

multiple monetizations for live streaming platform

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build scalable live streaming platform

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Built to Scale


No Manual Intervention means no need to frequently upsize and downsize your infrastructure needs. Our unique offering is build to scale as the number of concurrent users increase on your platform. Muvi supports unlimited concurrent users for your Live stream and scales automatically when the demand surges. You need not worry!

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