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Introducing Muvi Free

Now anybody can stream. Today, we are excited to announce that you can own your online Video and/or Audio streaming channel for free with Muvi.

Muvi, known for its Zero Coding Video & Audio streaming platform has gone one step ahead and proudly introduces “Muvi Free”, a pricing update which makes the streaming platform available to content creators and producers for free.  Check the new Muvi Pricing.

Muvi Free allows video and audio content owners to go live with their website instantly without any subscription or infrastructure fee. Customers opting for Muvi Free will have a sizable 50 GB storage and an equal amount of bandwidth support to back their online store. Currently available for web platform, users can live stream* on the platform too.

Take a look at a few key features of Muvi Free.

  • Content upload limit: up to 25 videos
  • Storage size limit in the server: 50 GB
  • Allowed bandwidth: 50 GB
  • Available platform: Website
  • Live streaming up to 15 minutes

You can monetize your content through subscription or Pay-Per-View.  You can upgrade to a higher plan anytime you like without commoving your existing store content. Start streaming right away with Muvi Free. For more details Check Muvi Free Help. For any further questions, mail to

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