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TV Viewing Is Reaching Back To Where It All Began : Living Room 23 December 2015

The idea behind TV Everywhere, a five-year-old initiative by broadcasters, cable networks, and cable providers, was to let subscribers watch shows anywhere–on their phones, tablets, or computers. But increasingly, people who use TV Everywhere are opting to watch shows and movies back on the TV in their living rooms–you know, the screen where it all …

4K Penetration In US About To Hit 35% In 2019 23 December 2015

U.S. household penetration of Ultra HD 4K TVs will jump to 34 percent in 2019, providing significant opportunities for retailers, IHS forecasts. The U.S. penetration rate will exceed the penetration rates of all other major countries in 2019, the company said. IHS cited America’s “comparatively strong economy and consumer penchant for large-screen TVs.” The research and …

FCC Is Not Really Interested In TV’s App Based Future 22 December 2015

For some reason, the Federal Communications Commission is considering a proposal that would dismantle the current structure of not only how we receive our television today, but how many consumers wish to receive it in the future. Instead of seeking to ease the set-top cable box into semi-retirement, the FCC is instead considering an idea …

TV Faces Stiff Competition From Internet In Spain 21 December 2015

Research from the Spanish association for media research (AIMC) reveals how much the Internet is modifying TV consumption among Spaniards. The AIMC has published its Panel Q report, focused on online audience habits, and revealed the strong bonds between TV and the Internet which are commonly used together. Indeed, 65% of Spanish viewers have been …

SVOD Set To Reach 306 Million Homes By 2020 21 December 2015

Global SVOD (subscription video on demand) is on track to end the year of 2015 with a growth spurt of 42 million new subscribers across 200 countries taking global subscriptions to 161 million.  Forecasts from a new report from Digital TV Research claim that by 2020 home penetration of subscription VOD services will reach 306 …

What ISP Are You Using To Stream OTT Video Today? 18 December 2015

As consumers continue to cut the cord in increasing numbers, having an Internet connection that can ably stream online video from video streaming services like Amazon and Netflix is extremely important.

Online Video Still Has Some Ground To Cover Before It Can Replace Linear TV 17 December 2015

With parents spending more time at home than non-parents, this group watches both more online video and linear TV than non-parents.

Telcos and Cable MSOs In Focus For Digital Advertising In 2016 16 December 2015

In the video streaming segment, Verizon and Comcast have to compete against established players like Hulu, Netflix, and HBO.

Quality Is What Will Win You The OTT Race, Not Big Data 16 December 2015

So how can online video delivery surpass traditional TV? In order for OTT to win out, it needs to redefine success by combining quality of content with quality of experience (an area where traditional TV enjoys near-total consistency).

Cord Cutting In US Is Accelerating, Says eMarketer Survey 15 December 2015

Cable and satellite providers will steadily lose customers through 2019. The number of US households subscribing to cable TV will drop 0.4% this year, while the number of US households subscribing to satellite TV will drop 1.5%.

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