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Add Dynamic Content and Scripts Anywhere on Your Page

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Widgets are a handy and simple means to add some dynamic content to your website. Whether you wish to add a simple banner, a piece of information or display the number of visitors on your website, you can do it with widgets. You can easily create widgets on your CMS and add it to any part of your website through the Template Editor. You can also easily delete or edit widgets right away.

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  • Widgets on Any page
  • Add Dynamic Content
  • Support for HTML Codes
  • Support for Ad Codes
  • Support Translations

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Widget on any Page

Widgets are dynamic pieces of content or scripts that a platform owner can insert onto any page of their website to display text- or image-based information which is controlled by a 3rd party. With Widgets on any pages, you can place widget codes on virtually any webpage at your preferred location.

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Add Dynamic Content


The default use of a widget is to dynamically insert and display text or images onto your website that’s controlled by a 3rd party platform. This can be a simple visitor counter code or a complex Ad script that displays banner ads onto your website. Widgets are a great way for platform owners to add such content to their website without having to log a ticket or to request Muvi developers to get it done.

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HTML Codes

Widgets support insertion of HTML Code, and when you require one to be inserted in a page, you can do it all by yourself and control it externally using Widgets.

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Ad Codes and Analytics Scripts


In today’s digital age, there are a ton of Ad codes and analytics scripts that you may need to insert in your site for various reasons such as monetization, website analytics, marketing, performance tracking, user behaviour, etc. With Widgets, you can add these custom JavaScript based codes to your website without necessarily having to go via Muvi development teams.

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Support Translation

Widgets that you insert on the website can also be translated into different languages that you enable. If you insert some static content on the site, it can be translated into multiple languages and the widget can be updated to display the relevant language.

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