IT Consulting Partners

Build bigger and better with your technology

System Integrators

Accelerate your business growth by meeting the product customization needs of our diverse and rapidly growing customer base. Sign up as Muvi System Integrator to provide product customizations and consulting services to Muvi’s customers. We will provide the resources you need to build and launch your integration.

Template Designers

Design firms and professionals can partner with Muvi to create and sell stunning Muvi templates that customers will love. The templates could be offered for free or at a price at Muvi marketplace. Streaming site owners will pick and purchase template(s) from your offerings and help you grow.

As a platform provider, Muvi provides basic website templates and also a visual designer that works on BYOD (Bring your own design) format to perform standard customizations.

Plugin Developers

Add more power to Muvi platform by developing feature-rich plugins that greatly extend the functionality of our platform. You can offer the plugins for free or charge a price—you choose!

Partner Benefits

  • Expand Business

    You can offer Muvi as an additional business offering beyond your existing ones to your customers and add to your bottom line.

  • Learn New Technology

    Building on the Muvi platform involves working in a new technology. You can learn to develop a solution in an environment that involves digital library, AWS, CDNs, payment engine, etc.

  • Earn certification

    Once your developer(s) get trained on the platform and are capable of performing operations on it, you get officially certified by Muvi.

  • Add another skill

    Once your developer(s) are certified Muvi partner with sound technical know-how of the platform it adds up as another feather on your cap and you can present it as a skill.

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