Advanced Security

Keep your content safe from piracy and unauthorized access with Muvi Player SDK


Multi-DRM security

Muvi Player SDK utilizes Multi-DRM technology to safeguard copyrighted digital media assets against unauthorized access and usage. It provides license management functionality for a variety of DRMs, including Apple FairPlay, Google Widevine, and Microsoft PlayReady, which are widely supported across major web browsers and mobile operating systems. This allows you to deliver your content securely across multiple devices with ease.

Forensic watermarking

Muvi Player SDK allows you to utilize cloud-based packaging services and implement forensic watermarking on your audio and video content. Forensic watermarking is seamlessly integrated with AWS CloudFront CDN, making it easy and efficient to apply. By adding dynamic watermarks that are invisible to the viewer, you can detect and monitor any unauthorized distribution of your content and defend against malicious attacks like re-encoding, filtering, cropping, and camcording.

Visible watermarking

Muvi Player SDK offers visible watermarking functionality that enables you to insert overlays on content playback to identify users in the event of piracy or content leakage. End-user information can be embedded as a visible watermark, and with Multi-DRM, you have the flexibility to adjust the display frequency and transparency of the watermark to minimize user inconvenience.


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Offline mode protection

Muvi Player SDK provides protection for your content during downloads and offline streaming. With content-specific Unique keys and License Keys, your content remains secure even after being downloaded. This ensures that your content is protected against unauthorized access and usage, even in offline mode.

Protection against screen recording

Muvi Player SDK provides protection against screen recording and screenshotting of playback. Third-party software attempting to record the screen will be thwarted, and the recording will appear blank, ensuring that your content remains secure.

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