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Incredibly Flexible On-Premise and Hybrid Solutions

Choose from flexible deployment options that’s best for you

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Custom CDN

Integrating your preferred CDN provider is made easy with Muvi's custom CDN feature. This allows you to seamlessly connect and utilize your own or preferred CDN infrastructure, ensuring optimal content delivery to your audience.

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Custom Storage

With custom storage, you have the option to securely store your content at a location or servers of your preference, within your own secured premises or in your own DC or Cloud.

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Custom Encoding/Transcoding

Muvi's Custom Encoding feature empowers you to choose between Muvi's on-cloud encoder, Muvi’s on-premise encoder application or bring your own encoding service for greater control, you can ensure high-quality video encoding tailored to your unique needs in both options.

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Entire Application on-premise

Deploying the entire Muvi application on-premise provides unparalleled security and control. By hosting the entire application within your infrastructure, you can securely stream live and on-demand videos while retaining full control over your sensitive data, ensuring compliance with strict security and regulatory requirements.

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Muvi Offline Streaming

Muvi's offline streaming feature allows you to leverage your local area network to stream videos without requiring an internet connection. This feature is particularly useful for remote locations, off-shore facilities, in-flight entertainment systems, and any other scenario where internet connectivity may be limited or unavailable.

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Live Stream from your server

With Muvi, you have the flexibility to live stream directly from your server. By leveraging your existing infrastructure, you can securely broadcast live events and engage with your audience in real time, all while maintaining full control over your streaming environment.

One Reliable Solution. Limitless Possibilities

Custom CDN

With Muvi's custom CDN feature, you're in control. Opt for our Muvi’s built-in CDN or seamlessly integrate your preferred CDN provider for tailored content delivery.

  • At Muvi, we leverage Amazon CloudFront, one of the industry's leading CDNs. Delivering lightning-fast video and audio content through 225+ points of presence, spanning a global network of 42 availability zones across 16 geographic regions worldwide.
  • However, if you desire more control over caching, geography coverage, and edge nodes, feel free to choose your preferred CDN provider. We empower you to select the solution that best aligns with your unique requirements and objectives.
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Custom Storage

With Muvi, you have the flexibility to utilize your preferred local or cloud storage for storing your valuable content. Our platform facilitates this process through a custom integration, facilitating seamless communication between the Muvi Application and your storage infrastructure via a content delivery network (CDN).

  • Here's how it works: When a user requests media content through their browser, desktop, or mobile application, a metadata request is transmitted to the Muvi Cloud Service. Subsequently, the Muvi Service retrieves the requested media from your on-premise storage and CDN.
  • This innovative approach ensures an uninterrupted user experience, characterized by secure, bandwidth-optimized streaming that reduces strain on your WAN/LAN infrastructure. Experience the convenience of storage integration without compromising on performance with Muvi.
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Entire Application On-premise

Are you looking to maintain strict control over your sensitive data, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards? At Muvi, we prioritize the confidentiality of your content and user data, allowing you to keep them within your premises without compromising essential video streaming capabilities.

  • Deploying Muvi behind your firewall on-premises is a seamless endeavor. Whether you opt for a single-server setup or distribute your video workloads across multiple load-balanced servers, our platform offers unmatched flexibility to suit your needs.
  • With Muvi, you'll receive a downloadable media server application tailored to your specifications. Additionally, you'll receive a unique license key to access the application, ensuring secure and exclusive usage.
  • Moreover, Muvi seamlessly integrates with existing WAN optimization and web caching solutions, guaranteeing superior video performance while safeguarding network bandwidth.
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Muvi On-Premise Deployment: Whos it for?

Deploy your video platform in the way that makes the most sense for your organization


Implement secure media management solutions within your internal network, ensuring your media content is protected and efficiently managed.


Integrate a comprehensive media management system for educational content, supporting a wide range of video-related needs.

Government Organizations

Adopt a secure and customizable video management platform to support various government functions, including communication, training, and public information dissemination.

Independent Software Vendors

Enhance your software solutions by adding robust video management features, offering a fully integrated and branded streaming solution to your customers.

Large Media Companies

Manage multiple video sites with advanced video streaming features while retaining control over the media and platform, allowing for enhanced customization and management.

Site-Builders and Integrators

Easily offer integrated video capabilities for websites or apps with a branded streaming service, streamlining the process of embedding and managing video content.

Custom Encoding & Transcoding

Choose your encoding service or use Muvi’s on-cloud encoder that transforms your videos into a ready-to-stream digital format, compressing them for optimal delivery.

Advantages of using Muvi’s encoder

  • Auto Encoding: Upload your raw footage and let Muvi take over. Our integrated encoding transforms your videos into a ready-to-stream digital format, compressing them for optimal delivery—with no need for external encoders.
  • Per-title Encoding: Muvi supports per-title encoding that employs advanced algorithms to analyze each video's complexity and content type, customizing the encoding process to match its unique characteristics. By optimizing the bitrate and resolution specifically for each title, we ensure maximum quality with minimal bandwidth usage. This means viewers experience crisp, clear visuals tailored to their device and network conditions, reducing your streaming costs by ~46%.
  • Codecs: Muvi uses the latest video codecs H.264 - (AVC), H265 - (HEVC), and geo-distributed infrastructure to build video products that are HLS, Dash & MP4 supported.
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Muvi Offline Streaming

Do you cater to audiences located in remote areas, on long flights, or even in regions with spotty connectivity? – Muvi Offline has you covered. You no longer have to rely on the availability of Wi-Fi or mobile data to access your streaming platform.

  • Instant Offline Access: Share the URL or QR code and allow your users to access the content.
  • Multi-Platform Support: Experience the power of offline streaming on any platform be it - Mobile, Desktop, or TV
  • Sync Content: Sync new content when connected to the internet or use a data transfer drive to sync offline.
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