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Launch a FAST channel with Muvi Playout, a comprehensive solution with effortless content scheduling, auto-generated EPG, playout management, and dynamic content delivery.

Ensure global reach, optimized delivery, and maximized revenue opportunities through Muvi Playout's advanced features.

Easily Launch & Grow Your FAST Channel

Live and VOD Support

Seamlessly blend live broadcasts and on-demand content for an enriched FAST channel experience

Drag & Drop Scheduler

Effortlessly plan your program lineup with an intuitive drag-and-drop scheduler for simplified content management.

Auto-generated EPG

Utilize automated EPG for easy daily, monthly, or long-term scheduling.

HLS Output

Deliver your FAST channel content flawlessly with HLS output, ensuring smooth streaming across devices.

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Efficient Playout Management

  • Centralized Control:  Easily manage your content library, ensuring a well-organized repository for smooth playout operations over your FAST Channel.
  • Live Events Integration: Seamlessly integrate live events into your playout schedule, ensuring a dynamic and engaging viewing experience.
  • HLS Streaming Protocol: Leverage the widely supported HLS streaming protocol, ensuring compatibility across various devices and platforms with smooth and buffer-free streaming
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Optimized Content Delivery

  • Global Accessibility: Enable worldwide access with Muvi's advanced content distribution, breaking geographical boundaries for your streaming service.
  • CDN Integration: Integrate with Content Delivery Networks (CDN) for optimized content delivery, reducing latency and ensuring a smooth viewing experience.
  • Low Latency: Optimize content delivery with low-latency streaming, enhancing viewer experiences, especially during live events.
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System Monitoring & Program Scheduling

  • Intuitive Interface: Create schedules effortlessly with a user-friendly, drag-and-drop scheduler, simplifying the programming process.
  • Dynamic Schedule Updating: Ensure real-time updates to the EPG, providing viewers with accurate and up-to-date program information.
  • 24/7 Monitoring: Implement a robust system monitoring program, ensuring your channel operates seamlessly around the clock with continuous monitoring and immediate issue detection.
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Robust Content Protection

  • Secure Content Storage: Store your content securely with advanced storage measures, protecting against data breaches and ensuring content confidentiality.
  • Multi-DRM Support: Muvi Playout supports various DRM platforms, offering a multi-layered defense against unauthorized access and content piracy.
  • Protection Against Screen Recording: Implement advanced measures to prevent unauthorized screen recording, preserving the integrity of your premium content.
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Launch Your FAST Channel with Muvi Playout!

Experience unparalleled control and customization in your FAST channel operations, providing a seamless and engaging streaming experience for your audience. Join the ranks of industry leaders like Pluto TV, Tubi, IMDbTV, and Samsung TV+ with Muvi Playout

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Key Features

That help you deliver the best streaming experience to your users.

Multi-format content delivery

Distribute channels in various formats like HLS, RTSP, IP feed, MPD, etc.


Maximize revenue through strategic video ads placement before, during, or after content.


Scale effortlessly with unlimited channels, storage, and pay-as-you-go.

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Analytics & Reports

Gain valuable insights into viewer behavior with comprehensive analytics and reporting tools.

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