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Sports fans embracing second-screen apps, says TDG

  New research from TDG finds that a third of US broadband users have used a second-screen sports app while watching a game on TV. Engagement will further broaden and deepen during the next ten years as more leagues and conferences introduce their own apps, and as these live streaming servers become better attuned to the …


Cable TV Disconnect, Smart TV and Consumer Choice

  Cable television systems thumbed noses at Senator John McCain’s call a couple of years ago for unbundled content options, but consumers have responded to a wider marketplace of real-time choices and technologies. Live streaming server remain one of the main lures to pay for bundled cable TV, but the landscape changed this year. Sling TV, …


Perfect Storm of OTT and UHD Raises The Bar For Pay TV Security

  The arrival of UHD video services will intensify the arms race with content pirates, with many pirates working diligently to capture premium video and redistribute over the Internet. It coincides with the proliferation of high quality OTT video services, highlighting how broadband is now capable of sustaining the bit rates needed for UHD. The …


Is the NFL-Yahoo streaming deal the start of a sports television revolution?

  Last week, National Football League fans heard their wind chimes flutter in a brief gust of wind. Entertainment lovers thought they felt a couple drops of rain. Tech-sector observers saw the barometer fall. And that was it. When the NFL announced that Yahoo had acquired global streaming rights to a single regular-season game, millions …


ABC, Cox, Hearst station groups up the stakes in live local news OTT streaming

  Disney-owned ABC is among five major broadcast TV station groups that are joining forces to develop NewsON, a service that will deploy the live streaming server for local newscasts to viewers in 84 viewing markets nationwide. The service will directly challenge live local streaming efforts by CBS, which is working to bring local newscasts to …

The first-ever NFL global live stream is kind of a big deal

Some big football news just dropped, and for once, it has nothing to do with Deflategate. The National Football League and Yahoo are teaming up to put on the first-ever global live stream of an NFL game. And it’ll all be free. The Oct. 25 game between the Buffalo Bills and Jacksonville Jaguars in London will be …

TiVo Wants to Totally Change TV — Again

TiVo has plans to imitate Aereo, the live-TV streaming service whose business model was ruled illegal by the Supreme Court. TiVo CEO Tom Rogers said that his company, mostly known for its DVRs, is planning to launch a service that is “kind of the Aero model, done legally and better.” Aereo allowed customers to live-stream content from …

Streaming apps threaten a TV bastion: Live sports

Since the advent of the VCR and then YouTube, the media industry’s No. 1 enemy has been piracy. But while Hollywood and the TV networks have fought one technology after another, one type of entertainment has been safe from illegal broadcasts: live sports. That’s because fans hated waiting for illicit recordings to be posted online. …

Paid TV cable takes a backseat as Mayweather vs Pacquiao boxing match gets live streamed for free

It should have been a proud moment for TV: A much-hyped sports event drawing in millions of paying viewers and showcasing the clout still held by traditional media heavyweights. Instead, the broadcast of Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao fight in Las Vegas was marred by technical snafus and got sucker punched by Internet streamers, exposing the industry’s …

For Streaming Technology Advances, the Emmy Goes to Online Video

Besides going to TV shows and stars, Emmy Awards also go to the companies that make contributions to television technology. Several of the biggest names in live streaming server system and video on demand streaming have taken home the award. Create an excellent original online series and you could win one of several awards: a …


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