OTT platforms have made entertainment, sports, and education available to the users on-demand. The popularity of streaming media has eliminated the need of any middle man such as the traditional cable TV network. Muvi allows content owners to launch white-labeled Video and/or Audio streaming service – both on-demand and live. And following the recent pricing update of Muvi Free, creators can go live in a simple click at zero cost.

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10 best OTT platforms for your videos in 2023 29 September 2023

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Scale Your OTT Streaming Business Like Never Before in 2023 06 June 2023

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The Technological Advancements in OTT Platforms: Things You Must Know to Stay Ahead of the Curve 03 April 2023

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Ways to Tackle OTT Churn Rate Through Add-Ons 18 August 2022

  OTT Churn represents the number of subscribers who cancel their subscription to an OTT platform. It is no rocket science to guess that the churn rate tells you whether your OTT business is growing upwards or downwards.  In this … Continue reading

What is OTT and How Does it Differ From VOD? 19 October 2021

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OTT Marketing Strategy: How to Increase Revenue 12 October 2021

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Subscription-based OTT Platforms continues to soar in demand 22 April 2021

  Subscription-based OTT platforms are growing at a rapid pace. As per surveys, 57% of online viewers who are categorized as Gen-Xers, Millennials, and Boomers find watching TV and movies at home as their top choice of entertainment. The survey … Continue reading

Kids and Animation Content Viewership continues to grow in OTT platforms 09 April 2021

  As per reports, 60% of Netflix subscribers prefer to binge-watch kids and family content monthly. Animation content also witnessed a surge of 10% in its demand. The pandemic shut down schools which shifted the interest of the children from … Continue reading

71% Surge in OTT Viewing since COVID-19 Pandemic 08 April 2021

  The pandemic has shut all forms of entertainment avenues, but content consumption remains unhindered thanks to OTT platforms. Since the lockdown, OTTs are on the rise with a 71% surge in paid streaming services. 55% of online viewers prefer … Continue reading

Samsung joins ‘OTT’ with Samsung TV Plus 05 April 2021

  Samsung launched Samsung TV Plus as a streaming service that is now available to video on-demand viewers. The OTT Platform comes with 27 channels out of which 22 are global channels and the remaining 5 are domestic.  The Samsung … Continue reading