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Live streaming: Will it take centre stage? 24 May 2016

Thousands of viewers around the world watched the very first moments of a human’s life in real time last week when a man based in California streamed the birth of his son. Facebook Live, as this live video streaming platform is called, is actively pushing this trend. The question now is whether “premium content” such …

Wirecast launches live streaming onto Facebook Live 14 April 2016

After Facebook announced making its Live API available for developers, Telestream’s Wirecast, a live streaming tool has now added Facebook Live as a streaming destination for it. This will allow users of Wirecast to create videos and stream them from their computers, onto their Facebook timelines. The advantage over streaming directly from the Facebook app …

Facebook Live now for Drones, and other Live Streaming devices 13 April 2016

Facebook is taking live streaming beyond the phone. Recently Mark Zuckerberg demonstrated a drone flying and live streaming the video in real time on Facebook Live. They are making its Live API available to the public. This is being done so that developers can add live streaming to 3rd party apps and devices for publishers …

Facebook pumps up live streaming 07 April 2016

Facebook is actively adding features to Facebook Live to make it competitive with industry leader, Periscope. Live video, after a dull start, has become a rage today, with Snapchat and Meerkat adding to the competition. Facebook is pushing publishers to produce live videos, even is offering to pay for producing live video content. Reports say …

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