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NO, Joe Hockey, a ‘Netflix tax’ wouldn’t raise ‘billions’

During the ongoing debate about tax evasion by multinationals, Joe Hockey has claimed that his latest thought-bubble, the “Netflix tax” would raise “billions”.To get “billions” of GST revenue from anything you need tens of billions of revenue. The total online retail market in the last year generated less than $AU1.6 billion in GST revenue – …

Adding GST to movie downloads could raise billions: Treasurer Joe Hockey

Billions of dollars in additional revenue could be collected by applying GST to downloads of music and movies from international video on demand services such as Netflix, Treasurer Joe Hockey says. The move would see popular overseas media streaming services, such as Netflix — which officially launched in the Australian market late last month — …

Department of Revenue in Alabama Issues Proposed Regulation Taxing Digital Streaming Services

The Alabama Department of Revenue has issued a proposed regulation that, if finalized in its present form, would substantially expand the scope of the state and local rental tax applied to VoD platforms and other digital streaming services. The expanded rental tax would be imposed on certain “cable or satellite television providers, online movie and digital …


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