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Rookies Join The Coveted OTT Ranks In Parks Report 20 November 2015

A new report from Parks Associates digs deeper in to the world of OTT video services and reports how others fare in comparison to the mighty Netflix.

Divide Deepens Between Cable and Broadband Subscribers 19 November 2015

As the reports of VOD services gaining subscribers rush in, a new report from Leichtman Research should worry the traditional lot much.

Netflix’s Success In Australia Could Pave Way For Next SVOD Boom 18 November 2015

A new report from the Australian Communications and Media Authority finds that ever since its launch in March 2015, Netflix has become the most dominant subscription VOD service (SVOD) in Australia. The same is confirmed form the numbers suggesting that Netflix’s has attracted 2.5 million users in the first half of the year and in not stopping …

OTT Video Closing The Gap With Cable, Finds Clearleap 18 November 2015

This new study from multi screen video tech company Clealeap finds that both are slowly coming to par and their numbers are more convincing.

BI Survey Finds YouTube and Netflix Getting More Popular Among Millenials 17 November 2015

YouTube and Netflix are slowly and steadily growing to be the first-choice sources of entertainment for the younger audiences. This claim is reinforced in the new BI survey.

China Tightens The Screw On Foreign TV Content 17 November 2015

Video on demand streaming services are a rage with everybody these days. Its growing clout in China has always sent mixed signals to the administration which is not determined to regulate it.

TV Programmers Push Netflix For Promotions 16 November 2015

When you are on a VOD service such as Netflix and you choose to stream a show, the show starts. There are however a few programs like the ABC drama ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ which introduce you to 4-second long snippets laced with actresses and the networks’s soundtrack. It is passable though.   But …

Consumers Expect More Devices To Be Connected, Finds New Ericsson Survey 16 November 2015

Ericsson Consumer Lab’s new survey is a very generous revelation of what the future is going to look like. The new survey titled ‘A Networked Life’ found that consumers expect more devices connected to the internet to serve their countless requirements of accessing the web. The report also finds that consumers acknowledge the advantage of …

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