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GameFly debuts a new video game streaming service exclusively on the Amazon Fire TV 03 June 2015

The days of Blockbuster DVD-by-mail rental service may be far behind us, but GameFly is still trucking on with its game rental service. To keep up with the times, GameFly today launched a video game streaming service, exclusively on the Amazon Fire TV. The service will be available as a monthly subscription with different game packs. At launch, …

84% of UK ad campaigns delivered across multiple screens 02 June 2015

Research from Videology has found that in the first quarter of 2015 advertisers in the UK are increasingly planning their video strategies holistically, with the majority of campaigns now conducted across more than one device. According to an analysis of Videology’s video streaming web hosting platform usage from January to March this year, the total number …

Ad Spending For Digital Media Poised To Pass Broadcast TV 02 June 2015

The lines were bound to cross sometime. And 2015 is when core Internet spending will surpass broadcast TV — including its offshoot online video on demand hosting services — according to a forecast out today from FTI Consulting. The firm projects that Internet spending will rise 11.4% to $41.8 billion while broadcast lifts just 0.9% to $38.9 …

Killer web serials: Why the future of television is on the internet 25 May 2015

The future of television is on the web, for an increasing number of viewers and content producers, alike. From side-splitting comedies to boundary-pushing dramas, web series of all kinds are bypassing TV as a means of distribution and going exclusively to the internet. The art of the independently produced web series is being celebrated this weekend at the second annual T.O. Webfest. The two-day festival features free public screenings and industry …

INTX 2015 recap: Winners and losers 13 May 2015

The National Cable & Telecommunications Association tried to move beyond legacy cable systems last week at the “Internet TV Expo,” or INTX conference. However, early reads on the show suggest that overall attendance dropped compared to 2014, so the NCTA did not exactly make a big splash last week in Chicago. Yet there were other …

The TV Story – How OTT Video Services and On-the-Go Content Are Redefining World’s Best Loved Gadget 27 April 2015

With all the buzz on OTT TV and the increasing use of video on demand hosting and mobile devices to stream video content, will the TV as a device lose its value proposition and be no longer relevant in our homes? The answer to this is simple. Yes, the TV in its traditional sense is …

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