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Ubisoft unveils a subscription-based game streaming service 11 June 2019

Ubisoft, the French video game company, announces its plan to launch a new game streaming service – Uplay+ by the end of fall. The subscription service will allow professional gamers to access the huge content library of Ubisoft on Windows-powered … Continue reading

Google Unveils Stadia – The Ultimate Game Streaming Platform For Everyone 20 March 2019

Finally, Google discloses its “game platform for everyone” – Stadia, in an effort to take over the $140 Billion video-game industry dominated by Microsoft & Sony. With this new game streaming service, users can both watch & play high-end games … Continue reading

Apple to launch Video Game Streaming Service: Reports 29 January 2019

As per reports, Apple will soon launch its own video game streaming service which can be accessed through one-time fee. Reports also claim that Apple has been discussing privately with game developers since 2018, and is planning to do a … Continue reading

Verizon to launch a Video Game Streaming Platform: Reports 15 January 2019

Verizon is reportedly to launch a cloud-based video game streaming service named Verizon Gaming. This service will let gamers stream games on their own devices. Supposedly, Verizon Gaming is now in alpha testing on the NVIDIA Shield Android TV. There … Continue reading

T3 publishes insightful post on game streaming 12 October 2017

T3, UK’s leading consumer tech lifestyle website, in a recent post titled, “How video game streaming is taking the web by storm” shared insights on the video game streaming. T3 defines Video game streaming as simply as that someone plays … Continue reading

GameFly debuts a new video game streaming service exclusively on the Amazon Fire TV 03 June 2015

The days of Blockbuster DVD-by-mail rental service may be far behind us, but GameFly is still trucking on with its game rental service. To keep up with the times, GameFly today launched a video game streaming service, exclusively on the Amazon Fire TV. … Continue reading