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Make the most of your streaming platform by joining hands with our certified partners for business support services. From bringing quality traffic to your site to uninterrupted 24x7 customer service, let the industry’s brightest creative minds take care of your platform and provide impeccable operational support throughout the year.

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  • Advanced Data Management
  • Uninterrupted Customer Support
  • Interactive Marketing Communication

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Metadata Management


Thrive on our partner’s proven experience in managing customer data and deliver a personalised multi channel customer experience from day one. Deploy advanced data analytics on your platform and drive your platform to optimal business success ensuring customer satisfaction and steady revenue growth.


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Uninterrupted Customer Support


Be it Christmas or Thanksgiving, you can rely on our partners for 24*7*365 impeccable customer support. From shorter initial response time to dedicated accounts manager, our partners manage hundreds of accounts everyday and are the best in the industry with ample years of experience. They are just a click away. Get in touch.

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Interactive Marketing Communication

Let each interaction with customers count and drive additional revenue for you. Yes, it's possible by collaborating with our certified marketing partners who by virtue of accurate market research, innovative communication, planned email marketing, interactive web programming, business intelligence capabilities, develop actionable insights from your marketing data. Unleash the possibilities through innovative marketing campaign by the industry spearheads and get your platform the momentum for a flying start.

Video Monetization

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