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Apple TV Streaming App

Muvi One offers a built-in native Apple TV Streaming App that follows all of Apple's defined programming standards and TV App guidelines. You don't need an Apple Developer, No Testers, nor do you need to worry about submitting your app for review. Muvi One powered Apple TV streaming apps are fully featured, custom-built, absolutely white-labeled, and can be integrated with your existing content distribution strategy so well that you only have to worry about creating great content, while Muvi One takes care of the rest.



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With Muvi One, launch your very own Apple TV OS app for your streaming platform within 24 hours. Muvi One has a built-in native tvOS platform that just requires you to sign-up, upload your content, choose a design, and get going.


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Native iOS Streaming TV App

Create your iOS streaming app from scratch, absolutely native, taking into account all of Apple’s defined programming standards. Deliver a rich streaming experience to your audience with your native tvOS app.

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Deliver On-demand and Live Streaming

Let your audiences enjoy diverse content such as both on-demand and live streaming content from your service. Your viewers can stream buffer-free on-demand content and access live streaming content with ultra-low latency.

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Works with all iOS Devices

Your tvOS streaming app works on multiple Apple devices as long as it is powered by tvOS. Your Apple TV app is automatically compatible with a majority of devices that support Airplay and you can target those users with a single click.

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In-app Purchase and Subscription

Create your Apple TV App with built-in support for In-app Purchases and Subscriptions. Let your viewers subscribe to your platform or pay for one of their favorite content right from your Apple TV streaming service. As the payments are integrated, you don’t have to refer to multiple reports to get detailed revenue.

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Set up & Manage Device Restrictions

Restrict the number of devices a user can access their account at the same time. You can also allow your users to set up profiles, so anyone who shares an account will have personalized recommendations and viewing history.

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Watchlist and Favorites

Your viewers can create a personalized list of video content by adding them to the watchlist. Also, your viewers will have an option to mark their favorite content and give ratings to content that they watched, right from the app.

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Content Partner Portal

Do you license content for your streaming platform from multiple content partners? Is adding and updating content for your content partners a long and tedious process? Muvi’s Partner Portal allows you to onboard content partners to your platform and lets them add and update content, upload videos and audio, view reports on content views, and track the revenues generated, etc., in real-time.

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Kids Mode

Allow your audience to enable kids mode for your Apple TV app in order to restrict their children from accessing sensitive content. Your viewers can set a password for kids mode and, to exit from the kids mode, they’ll need to enter the password.

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Auto-play Next Content

Let your audience binge-watch your content by automatically playing the next episode or related content after the current content ends. Your viewers can choose to watch the content or cancel the auto-play.

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Request a Free Consultation

You can request a free live demo of Muvi Products with our platform experts. Our platform experts will understand your use case and provide a detailed walkthrough of our product.

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Thanks to Muvi, we achieved our goals with ease. Their platform provided clear user feedback and usage data, helping us gain 15,000 web registrations, 10,000 Android users, and 5,000 iOS users. The robust analytics in Muvi’s content management system empowered us to make informed decisions, driving streaming for audio and video. We are highly satisfied with Muvi’s services.

Kashif Khan
Kashif Khan

Chief Executive Officer, EnterInfi


We wanted a platform that is reliable. We made the research and found Muvi, we felt Muvi was the best solution that met our requirements. The fact is that it is DRM Enabled, it protects content from getting downloaded, screen scraped or even screen sharing is not allowed.

Danji Thotapalli
Danji Thotapalli

Festival Director, Indic Film Utsav

Apple TV App FAQs

Apple TV apps are over-the-top (OTT) applications for the Apple TV and Apple TV 4K streaming devices that let users stream video-on-demand content natively. Users who subscribe to your streaming business can download your app to watch on their Apple TV or streaming devices. Think of it as Netflix on your Apple TV.

All you need to do is purchase Muvi One + Apple TV App subscription. Fill in a small form available on your Muvi One CMS. Muvi team takes around two days to a week for building your Apple TV App. The app will be released to you for testing and confirmation. Once confirmed your Apple TV App will be sent for approval which takes about 2 weeks to review the app.

Muvi One Apple TV Streaming Apps offer all the major security features that come with Apple Architecture. Muvi One is an ISO 27001:2013 compliant platform that offers - Built-in DRM security, Forensic Watermarking, Screen Capture control, PCI-DSS, etc.

No. We offer No-code applications. Muvi team will take care of everything, even if you need any customizations or integrations.

Yes, with Muvi One all your apps have the same monetization models that you set up once in Muvi One CMS. Muvi One offers all three types of Monetization Models i.e. Subscription, Pay-per-view, and Ads you can select any combination of them based on your requirement. Apple TV streaming App supports In-app purchases where your users can purchase a subscription, rent your content, etc.

Yes, your Apple TV app can be completely customized to suit your requirements and style.