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Go Live & Monetize Your Live Streams Instantly

  • Go-live Instantly!
  • No Monthly Fees
  • White-label Interface
  • Revenue Analytics
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Earn 10x more revenue vs. YouTube Live

đź‘‹Hey Streamers! Are you still stuck in the Ad revenue drought? See how you can unlock the true revenue potential with Muvi Live Paywall.

Turn Every Viewer Into a Valued Subscriber

End to end Live Streaming Infrastructure

Muvi provides you with a complete end-to-end PPV live streaming infrastructure, where you focus on the content & we take care of all the operations for you from streaming technicalities to collecting payments securely.

Secure & Global Payment Processing

With built-in payment gateway integration & support for 135 + currencies, you don’t have to go through all the hassle of collecting the payments for your live streaming events. Muvi collects the payment and transfers it to your accounts securely.

Instant Setup and Go Live

Enable the paywall for your live streams, set the Pay-Per-View rates, choose the currency, insert your live feed URL and you are live. Share your streams, and start collecting payments instantly.

Faster Payouts

Quick payouts with the flexibility to choose your preferred payout method, be it a bank account, wallet, or credit/debit card. Receive your earnings on set dates, ensuring consistent and timely access to your funds.

Features That Help - Engage, Entertain, and Inspire Audiences Around the Globe

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Whitelabel Platform

Fully customize pay-per-view live streaming as your own, add your logo, band colors, and more.

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Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

Automatically adjusts video quality based on the viewer's network conditions & devices.

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High-quality HD & 4k Streams

Deliver crystal-clear streams with support for High-Definition 1080p and Ultra HD 4K streaming.

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Record Live Streams

Easily capture and store live streams for later viewing or distribution.

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Built-in DRM & CDN

Robust DRM and a CDN ensure secure, high-performance streaming worldwide.

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Geographic Restriction

Control access by restricting or allowing viewers from specific countries or regions.

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Live Chat, Poll & Quizzes

Engage your audience with interactive live chat, polls, and quizzes during streaming events.

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Paywall On Existing Live Streams

Monetize your existing live streams by adding a secure paywall instantly - no coding required.

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Embed & Share Streams

Generate and easily share live stream and HLS links with users.


Ready To Monetize Livestreams?

Collect one-time payments for your livestreams. Setup & Go Live, We take care of rest.

See How Paywall Works?

See How Muvi Paywall, seamlessly gates your content to subscribers and viewers, ensuring a frictionless experience while maximizing revenue opportunities.

Monetize the Thrill : Live Sports & Matches

Capitalize on the excitement of combat sports such as Boxing, UFC, MMA, and more, bring every punch, kick, and knockout directly to your audience, keeping them on the edge of their seats and deeply engaged with an efficient pay-per-view (PPV) subscription model, so that your viewers don't miss out on any of the action and you on any revenue.  

  • Professional League Matches
  • International Tournaments
  • University Sports
  • Club Sports Events
  • Amateur Competitions
  • Youth and School Sports
  • Extreme Sports and Adventure Races
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Amplify Concert Profits : Live Concerts

Ignite the magic of live music and turn every concert into a blockbuster revenue hit with Muvi Live's Paywall. Deliver an unparalleled in-person concert-like experience offering fans not just a ticket, but exclusive virtual front-row seats in the comfort of their homes.  

  • Exclusive Artist Performances
  • Festival and Event Streams
  • Intimate Acoustic Sets
  • Genre-Specific Concert Series
  • Emerging Artist Showcases
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Educate and Earn : Live Webinars & Conferences

Leverage the full potential of your expertise, and turn every live webinar into a rich learning experience for learners and a profitable venture for you. Reach learners globally or keep it to specific regions. 

  • Professional Development Workshops
  • Academic Lectures and Courses
  • Industry Conferences and Panels
  • Live  Wellness Webinars
  • Technical Tutorials and Workshops
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Strategy Sessions
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Fitness App

Setup Paywall & Go Live Instantly!

Select live streaming source, set pricing, select currency, share live streams & collect payments for live streams in no time!

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Game, Stream, Earn : eGaming

Capitalize on the excitement of eGaming with Muvi Live's Paywall. With Muvi Live, every click, every level-up, and every epic battle becomes an opportunity to rack up earnings, turning your gaming streams into high-score profit adventures. Interact with viewers through live chat and be a part of their excitement. 

  • Intense eSports Showdowns & Battles 
  • Game Beta Access Streams
  • Pro-Gamer Strategy Sessions
  • Virtual Meet-and-Greets
  • Niche Gaming Community Events
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Teach and Monetize : Live Educational Lectures

Offer a range of live lectures, from academic subjects to professional development. Track your financial performance with Muvi Live's detailed analytics, making each lecture a blend of educational value and financial gain.

  • Professional Skill Workshops
  • Specialized Industry Training
  • K-12 Educational Content
  • Language Learning Classes
  • Cultural and Historical Lectures
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Influencers: Leverage Your Influence

Turn your passionate social media following into a lucrative revenue stream with Paywall. Offer exclusive pay-per-view PPV live streams, from behind-the-scenes glimpses into your daily life to intimate Q&A sessions. Foster deeper connections with your most devoted fans through live interactions, and members-only virtual hangouts.

  • Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Live Streams
  • Interactive Q&A and AMA Sessions
  • Niche Fan Community Meetups and Events
  • Expert Sessions
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Launching a live event that you want to monetize?

Setup & Go Live, We take care of rest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each transaction from your end users will be eligible for payout after a 7 days holding period. Once the Veem account is set up, you will receive payments on the 1st and 15th of every month. The minimum payout amount is USD 50 or the equivalent of USD 50 for other currencies. Payout will be done on the schedule if the balance is greater than that minimum amount.

Muvi charges a flat 10% commission as a platform fee. Bandwidth, Streaming Hours will be charged as Infra Fees. 

Additionally, depending on your location, you may incur standard payment processing, currency conversion, and payout fees where applicable.

Muvi Live comes with in-built Stripe payment gateway integration. To accept payments from end users, use Stripe. The money will be received in Muvi’s bank account. For payouts to you, we use Veem.

 Muvi supports 135+ currencies as supported by Stripe. At the account level, you can set up one default currency which can be used for all events. The default account currency is permanent. If you want to change the currency for some reason, please log a ticket. Please note that we will only be able to change the currency after validating the state of your account. We cannot guarantee currency change in all scenarios.

Once you are eligible for payouts, Veem will send an email for account setup. You can create a Veem account and add the preferred option to receive payments. Veem does support bank transfers, Wallet transfers, credit/debit card transfers, etc. For more information about Veem, please visit their website -

Muvi will manage refunds to end users as needed. You can log a ticket mentioning the transaction ID and the amount to be refunded. We will verify the transaction and initiate the refund. We will return the commission (fully or partially, on a case-by-case basis), but other extra fees will be deducted from the balance.

Muvi will manage the dispute on your behalf. The disputed amount will be deducted from Muvi's account directly. We will reduce the disputed amount from the Payout balance. We will forward the dispute email to you asking to fight the dispute if needed. You can reply to the dispute email and submit the forms including relevant details (invoice, user details, event details, supporting statement, etc.). Muvi will upload the same to Stripe dashboard. If you win the dispute, the disputed amount will be added back to the balance, and the status of the transaction will be reverted.

You will need to manage the end-user complaints and support. You can set up support contact and the terms of service in the Paywall>Settings.

Yes, after a successful payment you will receive a confirmation email with user & payment details, your end user will receive a confirmation email with event details and event link. One reminder email will be sent to your end users one hour before the event starts.

A purchased event is accessible for up to 1 year. This means that if you do multiple live stream sessions for the same event created in Muvi Live, end users will be able to watch them for free. If you want to avoid that, please make sure you create separate events.

In the Transactions page under Monetization>Paywall

There will be revenue analytics in Muvi Live under the Analytics>Revenue menu.

By default, Muvi doesn’t show its logo anywhere on the paywall screens. If you are an enterprise customer, you can request for further customizations like custom domain name and custom theme.