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Amazon's Fire OS is being used quite widely. You can make your platform accessible to all Fire OS users by launching your own App that supports video and audio streaming in the OS environment. Muvi helps you build, deploy, launch, and maintain your own branded Fire OS App that suits your streaming service.

Your Fire OS app powered by Muvi is built from scratch and is tailored according to your custom needs. The App is 100% scalable and works well across different Fire environments and devices.

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  • Native Fire OS App
  • Fully Managed
  • Supports Different Streaming Models
  • Multiple Monetization
  • Cross Device
  • Completely White-Labelled
  • Update Notification

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Native App

Muvi builds your Fire OS app right from the scratch, absolutely Native, taking into account all of Google’s defined programming standards. The app takes care of all your custom needs and is personalized according to your specific business model. Your app is deployed live onto the Amazon App store instantly. Muvi works round the clock to launch your app quickly and provide you constant support and also the latest updates on any new releases.

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White Label

Muvi understands your need to stand out as a brand and thus you get a 100% white labelled Fire OS app that reflects your brand only, with no mention of Muvi. Your app will bear your logos, and will be published under your ID, so that all future communications and payments go direct to your account, and viewers are exposed to your brand not Muvi.

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Fully Managed

Muvi is an end-to-end solution that provides you fully managed services right from building and launching your platform’s IT infrastructure to maintaining and updating it on regular basis. Your Fire OS app powered by Muvi will have multiple monetization options, automated bux fixes and timely updates rolling out to your mailbox, so you focus only on creating your content, rest on us.

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All Features

Muvi leaves no room for upgrading to a new feature coming to a specific platform. Your Fire OS app will have all the features that your viewers expect from a video streaming app and the features that make managing it easy for you. The app comes with easy registration & Login, easy access to all content, managing subscriptions, quick payment and much more.

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Completely Customizable

Since your Fire OS app is native-built right from scratch, you get a whole lot of customization options. You can choose your theme and make the app look and feel exactly the way you want. Bringing your own design and integrating with third-party platforms is also super easy with Muvi.

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Analytics & Reports

Muvi offers end-to-end analysis of your Fire OS App’s performance, so you can check the reach of your content, the type of audience watching it, calculating average viewing time, bandwidth consumption and various other analytics to help you make better decisions. You will also get a hostful of reports in your Muvi dashboard so you can analyze the performance and plan ahead.

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Chromecast and YouCast Support

Your video streaming Fire OS App powered by Muvi will have in-built casting support for Chromecast and YouCast, so that your viewers can quickly cast or stream videos from your app onto their Connected TVs and have an enriched experience.

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Update Notification

Besides push notification for application update, the end user will be notified of an available newer version when they open the app. When a user opens the app while being connected to the internet, a notification message will appear. The user can choose to either update to the latest version immediately or skip and continue to use the app.

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