Video Content Management System

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Single CMS for All

With Muvi Flex’s video CMS, you can upload the content and organize them with categories and search tags for easy access. You can import video content with similar metadata in bulk. As soon as the content is uploaded, they get encoded and transcoded automatically into multiple formats so that your videos can be played on any device and platform. You can also publish the content on streaming platforms, customize the player and track and analyze the content’s performance hassle-free.


Built-in Video Player

Muvi Flex’s built-in HTML5-based online player lets your audiences stream video content without lagging in performance. Our online video player comes with features such as adaptive bitrate streaming and easy embedding to deliver the best streaming experience.


Bulk Content Import

Creating an extensive content library has never been easier. With just a few clicks, you can swiftly upload multiple files into Muvi Flex cloud content management system, giving you the freedom to focus on content creation and management. Say goodbye to individual uploads and focus on creating and managing your content efficiently.


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Streamlined Metadata Management

Muvi Flex's video management platform simplifies content metadata management. Pre-set metadata enhances internal search, making content more discoverable. This boosts your platform's efficiency, ensuring you and your audience can find what you need effortlessly.


Secured Cloud Storage

Ensure content security with Muvi Flex's robust shield of protection and secure video management. Built-in multi-DRM security guarantees both content and audience information are encrypted, safeguarded against potential security threats.


In-Depth Analytics and Reporting

Elevate your strategy with Muvi Flex's enriched CMS analytics. Monitor content and channel performance across all platforms from a single hub. Comprehensive reports empower you to refine your approach, ensuring your platform's success. Track, analyze, plan, and triumph with Muvi Flex's cloud content management system.

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