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Spotify attempts to augment its ad sales with self-serve platform 22 September 2017


Spotify, which is the leading music streaming service, is introducing an automated self-serve platform called Spotify Ad Studio that generates audio ads that are targeted to about 90 million users that listen to music with commercials for free.

Spotify Ad Studio is in the beta version and is only for U.S advertisers.

Advertisers first upload a script, choose background music, with the technology embedded in it for recording a voiceover for spotting and spitting it out.

Audio spots can be directly uploaded to Spotify Ad Studio and targeting and budget parameters can be set for executing it and tracking campaign reporting. Music taste, location, gender, age, and activity determine the Spotify ads. Accordingly, the ad will be run on either mobile or desktop. The self-serve platform is aimed at bringing more revenue from small and mid-size businesses.

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