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TiVo Online has some web TV for everyone, more if you have a TiVo 22 June 2015


We still haven’t progressed to TiVo’s cloud DVR future, but the company is jumping ahead with the launch of TiVo Online. That is the name of its new web portal that collects video from cable channels, internet sources and even your TiVo DVR (if you have one), to put TV on your computer easily. The interesting part is that it’s usable by anyone, but you’ll get a lot more out of it if you have cable, and/or a TiVo DVR. Also, TiVo just launched upgrades bringing Plex, iHeartRadio and Yahoo Screen to its boxes.

The good news (for TiVo owners) is that you can do most of the things you expect, like manage recordings, search for TV shows and even create the new OnePass setups that pull from TV and internet sources. The bad news is that on the web, it only searches the sites that are available so far or regular TV, so there’s no way to see if something if it’s on a VoD network like Netflix or Amazon Prime, for example. In-home video streaming works across devices if you have a newer Roamio DVR, or one of the older ones with a Stream attached.

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