M-Pesa Payment Gateway Integration

Integrate M-Pesa with Muvi One to increase your platform’s reach in Kenya and collect payments through a valid
M-Pesa mobile number.

M-Pesa Payment Gateway Integration

Hosted Integration

Integrate M-Pesa into your Muvi One platform with our hosted payment integration method. This approach hosts the payment process on M-Pesa’s secure servers, reducing your technical load and ensuring a frictionless payment experience for your users. By choosing hosted integration, you minimize setup time, enhance security, and provide a seamless transaction process.

USSD-Based Payments Support

Enable USSD-based payments on your streaming platform for secure, direct transactions through M-Pesa mobile numbers. USSD technology offers a reliable, fast payment solution without needing the internet, ideal for users in areas with limited connectivity. It ensures quick and secure access to your content, broadening your reach to a wider audience.


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  • Hosted Integration
  • USSD-Based Payments
  • Support for Subscription and PPV
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One-time Payment

Collect subscription fees for a plan in one go, reducing the hassle of monthly collections, reducing the drop-off rates, and increasing your revenue.

Pay-per-view (PPV)

Allow your Kenyan users to pay only for the content they want to watch with the pay-per-view model, reducing the entry barrier to watch your content.

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