Configure taxes for your monetized content and enable transparent billing for customers.

muvi taxation

Country-Wise Inclusive Tax

Effortlessly configure tax rules tailored to each country and state. Muvi automatically calculates and applies the correct tax amount to the final invoice based on the user’s location, ensuring compliance with local tax laws.

Instant Setup and Activation

Get your tax settings up and running in no time. Our user-friendly dashboard allows for quick configuration, so you can focus more on content and less on tax complexities.

Detailed Revenue Analytics

Gain insights into your revenue streams. Get comprehensive analytics and a clear overview of country-wise revenue and taxes, aiding in accurate financial reporting and decision-making.


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Location-Specific Tax Invoicing

Generate invoices that reflect the precise tax information relevant to each viewer’s location. With Muvi, you can adapt to various tax structures like GST, VAT, etc., across different countries, ensuring a seamless and compliant billing process.

Download Invoices

Administrators can effortlessly view and download transaction reports, which include detailed tax amounts. This offers a clear snapshot of financial transactions, aiding in accurate record-keeping and reporting.

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