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Nat Geo plans VR and Instagram video series 11 May 2016

At the Digital Content NewFronts event in New York, National Geographic unveiled plans of forming a virtual reality studio and an Instagram video streaming service. With VR, Nat Geo would content available to view from ‘inside the stories’ literally. The new Instagram series will be called MoviNG Picture and will show short videos that capture “intimate moments from photographers in the field” and offer an “up close and personal look at life behind the lens.”

“What makes National Geographic stand out in a crowded digital media space? World-class storytelling backed by 128 years of science and exploration — and a strong sense of purpose,” said National Geographic Partners CEO Declan Moore. “Engagement with our brand can be seen most significantly by our massive social media footprint that now generates more than 1.6 billion monthly actions.”

Source: Digital TV Europe


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