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Roku goes software way to affirm its presence in home entertainment space

Roku has announced that it will release the Roku Entertainment Assistant and a new connectivity platform called Roku Connect soon. However, unlike Google and Amazon, its sole focus will only be on software.

Roku connect software upgrade will allow home entertainment speakers “to connect wirelessly and be controlled by voice commands and a single remote.” Also as a part of its licensing program, device manufacturers will come up with soundbars and speakers which will use Roku Connect software to link them together in a single home entertainment network. So more the speakers and soundbars the company can pair with its devices and software, the more Roku customers will be gained by staying within company’s growing ecosystem.

Roku says it won’t charge any licensing fees to device makers as the company wants to keep its Roku TV devices well positioned in the home entertainment space.
Roku’s primary source of revenue is from its platform business that includes sales of ads, subscription sales through its OS, or one-time sales of content.


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