Build an Interactive Community

Build an interactive community for your streaming platform with user ratings, advanced live chat, and user-generated content and more.

Build an Interactive Community for Your Streaming Platform

Allow Users To Express with Reviews & Ratings


Ratings allow end-users to rate content with stars, providing feedback and influencing other viewers.

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Text reviews enable users to write detailed feedback that helps potential viewers make choices and provides valuable insights.

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Content Recommendations

Offer AI-based personalized content recommendations to users based on their watch history, preferences, and other indicators. This ensures users see content that is most relevant and interesting to them, increasing viewership and engagement.

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Likes & Dislikes

Allow users to express their opinions by liking or disliking your content, helping to gauge the popularity and viewer preferences of your content. This enhances user engagement by enabling viewers to easily show their appreciation for content and helps other users make informed choices about what to watch.

Unable/ Disable Likes 👍 & Dislikes 👎
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Live Chat and Moderation

Live chat functionality in live streaming enables real-time interaction among viewers and between viewers and your team. Moderation tools allow you to block or remove users, ensuring conversations remain appropriate and in line, creating a safe and engaging environment for all users.

Messages and Emoticons
Pin Messages
Login & Guest Modes
Download Chat Transcripts

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Build A Loyal Community For You Streaming Platform

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User-Generated Content (UGC)

Muvi One enables you to host user-generated content, allowing users to upload their creations. This fosters a sense of community and participation, as users can contribute content that you can approve or disapprove according to your platform policies.

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User Generated Short Content - Minis

Similar to user-generated content, Muvi One supports "Muvi Minis," allowing the creation and sharing of short videos on the platform. This feature caters to the growing trend of short-form content, providing users with quick and engaging videos.

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Profile Page of Users

User profile pages enable viewers to manage their preferences, watchlist, and interact with the community. These pages serve as a personal space for users within the platform, enhancing their sense of belonging and community.

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