Advanced Live Chat

With advanced live chat interact and monitor your audience during your live streams.

Advanced Live Chat

Interact via Messages and Emoticons

Using text and emojis provides a lively and customized approach to interaction. This immediate exchange deepens the bond between you and your viewers, turning discussions into not only insightful but also fun and unforgettable experiences, enriching the overall user experience and sense of community.

Chat Moderation

Chat moderation offers a powerful way to maintain the integrity and focus of your online sessions & events. With the ability to swiftly remove any disruptive messages and block problematic viewers, you can ensure that discussions remain respectful and on-topic. By effectively managing the conversation, you create a more enjoyable and engaging experience for everyone.

Login & Guest Modes

Offer both login and guest modes, providing seamless audience participation. Users can easily login with their social media accounts like Google and Facebook or as guests without creating an account. This flexibility enhances user convenience and privacy.


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Download Chat Transcripts

Downloading chat transcripts allows you to save a copy of the conversation from your live streams, capturing the exchange of ideas, questions, and interactions for later review or documentation purposes. Download chats in PDF or Excel formats.

Pin Messages

Pin messages in live chat sessions which stands out as a powerful tool for highlighting important information or announcements. By pinning a message to the top of the chat, you can ensure that key points, guidelines, or updates are immediately visible to all participants, guiding the conversation and ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Audience Stats & Details

This data-driven approach not only personalizes the user experience but also helps in future content creation, engagement tactics, and operational adjustments. Ultimately, utilizing these analytics enables a more informed, targeted, and effective engagement strategy, fostering stronger connections and driving meaningful outcomes.

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